What does the April 2020 pink Super Moon mean for us?

Pink Super Moon April

Wednesday brings with it the April full moon. And this is no ordinary full moon either. Its proper title is the perigee-syzgy Moon, but most people will know this particular lunar event as the April pink Super Moon.

It's a particularly special event because this is the time when the full moon is exactly opposite the Sun, and also in its closest position to Earth. It's because the Moon is so close that it appears so big. But don't expect to see it coloured literally pink. The name comes from the fact that this particular full moon happens during the Northern Hemisphere springtime, when all the flowers start to bloom.

If you want to catch a glimpse of the April pink Super Moon, it will appear around 6pm and eventually rise to its peak at about 11pm for those watching in AEST. And if you want watch this celestial event, remember to maintain the social-distancing rules in your state.

So what exactly does this Super Moon mean for us? Full moons, along with new moons, are always powerful events that can affect our moods and even our sleep. And the effect of a Super Moon will be felt even more strongly given the Moon's closer proximity to the Earth.

Although this moon marks the peak of the Aries season, it falls in Libra - the social sign. Libra is relationship focused, a sign of social butterflies. While this full moon comes with classic full moon chaos, the balancing energy of Libra will offer some calm. Remember that full moons help to illuminate and shed light on problems that have been simmering in the background.

Astrologer Chani Nicholas is one of our long favourites at RUSSH. She shared some words for all those looking to the pink Super Moon and wondering what this will mean for them.

"2020 made its intentions known from day one. Beginning with an eclipse and a Saturn/Pluto conjunction, the omens signaled a year that would make its mark.

"Tuesday’s Full Moon in Libra squares the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. A normally light-hearted, socially-minded, and good-natured lunation gets deep. Pluto brings us under the surface of things and here is where we are asked to dwell right now. Having been socially isolated for a minute (a situation that is anti-Libra in practice and sentiment), we are collectively feeling the burden of distance from each other.


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"We are in this together-alone. Having this concentration of time with ourselves makes us more intimately aware of what is always awaiting us just below the business of life.

"Pluto’s skin-shedding influence on this year and this Full Moon is non-negotiable. There is no more time to borrow.

"Inch by inch and a little at a time we will come to trust ourselves, our intuition, and creative responses to this moment. More and more coming to understand that we are in control of none of it, but in relationship to all of it."

You can read her full dive into the power of the pink Super Moon on her website. It's definitely worth reading.