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New moon in Aries: what does it mean for you?

New Moon in Aries
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This week saw the arrival of a new moon. Astrological events like full and new moons can lead to and create tumultuous energy. Given the world is already in such a heightened state of anxiety with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, added shake-ups are hardly welcome.

But, it's important to remember that new moons are often a helpful reset and refresh. A time of new beginnings, new moons can bring forth a renewed energy that can aid in refocusing. It's a great time to assess your life and even start on a new project.

This latest new moon occurred on March 24 at 8:28pm AEST - and this particular new moon is in Aries, the warrior sign. And if there was a time that we need strength, it's now.

Like so many people do, we turn to the words of Nadine Jane, who shared some words of wisdom for us.

In an Instagram post, she shared: "While this applies to everyone, this will affect those with personal planets between 0-8° of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn most intensely."

“Aries is the part of us that wants to look forward, not backward. It is the brave and intuitive part of us that can think on its feet, especially under new and unforeseen circumstances. 

“However, this moon’s ruler, Mars is currently in Capricorn. Capricorn will give this new moon a grounded sense of reality, a box with clear and defined limitations in which to get creative.”



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So, how can we interpret this into our lives? And what does this mean for us right now?

Nadine Jane says: “This new moon wants us to get inspired by the practical and realistic action steps we can take within our current limitations.”

Hopeful and definitely inspiring words for us during this time of change. You can read more of the explanation of the New Moon in Aries on Nadine Jane’s Instagram or head straight to her website.