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Anna Delvey is opening an exhibition for her incarcerated art and no, we can’t afford it

Anna Delvey exhibition

Do you even know who she is? Of course you do, we all do by now. In fact, ever since we were taken inside the world of Anna Sorokin (otherwise known as Anna Delvey) we've found it hard to unfurl ourselves from her cultural comings and goings. The faux heiress has never been shy about her artistic musings, showing both through her exploits and her personal social media profile her love for all things sketching. Now it appears her time in incarceration has prompted quite the boom in creativity, posting many a sketch during her time locked away.

In one of her sketches she is seen lounging at a desk in Skims and Supreme activewear, sealed off with a poetic cliff note about feeling like Harvey Weinsten what she calls Harvey, Interrupted. Her sketches are neither groundbreaking nor moving in any way, but naturally her grandiosity and penchant for a certain wealthy one percent lifestyle has captured the attention of many a consumer wanting to invest in a piece of her work.



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What do we know about Anna Delvey's exhibition?

Unsurprisingly, Delvey is all the more ready to cash in on the momentum. After launching her fine art career earlier this year, the scammer has announced her first solo exhibition, launching on Thursday (May 19), at NYC’s Public Hotel. Titled “Allegedly”, the show will consist of 20 new works from her time in an ICE detention facility in upstate New York, where she was held in early 2021 and continues to wait on the verdict of an appeal against her deportation back to Germany. When speaking of her exhibition Delvey explained:

“I wanted to capture some of the moments of the past years, both never-seen-before and iconic, using the limited tools I have at my disposal".

Can you purchase anything from Anna Delvey's exhibit?

Delvey reportedly sold the rights to her story for Netflix’s Inventing Anna, soaking in a reported $320,000 to repay many of her debts. From what we know her own artistic musings won't come cheap. According to Chris Martine, a representative of Founders Art Club who will handle art sales for Delvey, in total the pieces comes to a cool $500,000 USD. While the artworks won't be available for individual sale, both her and Martine intend to sell off 48% of the entire collection. Like we have all come to expect from her show on Netflix, nothing comes without a back end deal.

What else can we expect from Anna Delvey going forward?

No other sketchy projects have been mentioned so far, we'll be sure to update with all her wheeling and dealing with this latest venture. In the meantime you can stream the entirety of her chaos on Inventing Anna now on Netflix.

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