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Julia Garner is the perfect dupe of Anna Delvey in these images from Netflix series, ‘Inventing Anna’

It's a tale that reads more like a plot line from Gossip Girl than an incident from real life. That's what we thought, at least, as we gobbled up The Cut's 2018 story about Anna Sorokin - or Anna Delvey as she was known to the New York socialites who she swindled thousands of dollars from. So it makes sense that this story of deception is being turned into a Netflix mini series and by Shonda Rhimes, no less. On October 26, Netflix granted us our first glimpse into Inventing Anna with images of Ozark's Julia Garner as an uncanny portrait of Anna Delvey.

Find out everything we know about Inventing Anna, below.


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What is Inventing Anna about?

For the uninitiated, the TV series is based off the article, How Anna Delvey Tricked New York, by The Cut that exposed Anna Sorokin as a large-scale grifter. Under the persona of Anna Delvey - a German heiress - Sorokin managed to hoodwink a number of New York's elite (including hotels and banks) into handing over large sums of money, totalling $275,000 USD. At the time we all had many questions; like how did these people fall for it and how did Sorokin manage to keep up the facade for so long?

Of course, the reason the story held our attention for so long was because it perfectly captured the tension between the American Dream and late-stage Capitalism. Now, following Sorokin release from jail earlier this year, after she was found guilty in 2019 of theft of services and grand larceny, consider our appetites primed for Inventing Anna's release.

Who stars in Inventing Anna?

As we mentioned earlier, Julia Garner is saddled with the role of Anna Sorokin and the new promotional photos from Netflix unveil Garner as a dead ringer for Sorokin. She's done away with her soft-blonde hair style and instead is seen with a mousey-brown side part, exuding scammer energy (the Italian-style hair scarf says it all, really). Joining Garner is Anna Chlumsky as a journalist named Vivian. Vivian must interview and investigate Delvey throughout the trial and the two foster a love-hate relationship throughout the process.

Expect cameos from Lavern Cox, Katie Lowes, Alexis Floyd, Arian Moayed and Anders Holm, also. While, Shonda Rhimes is onboard as producer with her company, Shondaland.

When can we expect a first episode of Inventing Anna?

Netflix has announced that the series pilot will drop on January 1, 2022. While we wait, why not plunge into these 8 scandalous TV shows instead?

The first trailer for Inventing Anna is here and it's every bit as juicy as you'd expect. See it for yourself, below.

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