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An intimate Frida Kahlo television series is in the works, exploring the artist and her legacy

frida kahlo series

A new television series based on the life of Frida Kahlo is in the works with the artist’s estate collaborating with BFT media to create the series. Offering a faithful, authentic perspective of her life, it comes 20 years after the Oscar-winning biopic, Frida, in which Salma Hayek portrayed the artist.

What is the Frieda Kahlo series about?

The upcoming series – name ye t to be announced – is set to offer a new perspective on the admired artists, with her great-niece Mara Romeo Kahlo saying it is set to portray Kahlo like she has not been seen before.

“The goal is to present a unique perspective based on what her family knows about her and show how she really lived her life.”

Each episode explores a lesser-known aspect of Kahlo’s life, revealing the truth about the artist through the intimate lens of her family. More details of the series’ content are set to be released at a later date, with Director of Frida Kahlo Management Alfonso Duran saying the series is an opportunity to share how the artist is still influential today.

“This project will allow Frida to be shown as a woman whose art represented empowerment, hope and power, and will allow her family to share with the audience how her legacy continues to inspire thousands of people around the world,” explained Duran.

BFT co-founder, Ricard Coeto, echoed the importance of Kahlo and her legacy on the world, as both an artist and a person.

“Frida was known for her colourful self-portraits. Her self-portraits had different themes, such as her identity, her human body, and death,” added Coeto. “She was considered a hero to many because she did not allow society to get to her; instead, she used her struggles as her strength.”

While known for her feats as an artist, Kahlo’s life was marred by pain from contracting polio as a child to being in a near-fatal traffic accident, which both resulted in lifelong consequences that plagued her for the rest of her life. A dramatic marriage and subsequent divorce to Diego Rivera also caused much pain to Kahlo’s life, with her having famously compared their meeting to a tragedy, writing in her notebook, “I suffered two great accidents in my life, one in which a streetcar knocked me down … the other accident is Diego.”

A release date for the series is still to be announced.

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