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Are you ready for Adam Sandler summer?

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Around a year ago fashion forecasters brought down their gavels and announced an Adam Sandler summer had arrived. All these months later as the weather begins to turn in Australia, schlub style is finally getting its opportunity to thrive.

Is there anything that captures the so-called post-pandemic mindset more than Adam Sandler's daggy daks? His fits are endearingly anti-fashion, opting for comfort over clothes that actually fit well. We're talking basketball shorts that swallow everything above the shins; polos, Hawaiian shirts and sports tees three sizes too big. Then there's the practical yet strange assortment of footwear; unlaced Air Jordans, biscuit-coloured Ugg boots, the odd New Balance or Hoka sneaker. Is it a case of the working from home uniform bleeding into the outside world? We'd like to think so.

For Sandler, this is just what he wears day-to-day as a multi-millionaire with nothing to prove. Part dad style, part visual representation of IDGAF energy. Given that we're neck deep in noughties nostalgia and Sandler's films dominated the era, we were due for an Adam Sandler resurgence, and with the world in its current state, is it any wonder this comatose approach to fashion is resonating right now?

@partypretzel aka how i pull up to work everyday bc we’re not allowed tanktops or shorter shorts #adamsandler #outfit #slomo #ootd ♬ original sound - Nico Almaria

Save for a pair of jorts, hardly anyone wears denim cutoffs anymore. Skirts are having their moment, whether that's the low-slung late 90s silhouette or the cargo kind. But when it comes to functional bottoms built for summer, all signs point to the baggy sports short. Sandler is a fan of the basketball style, but as sneakers like Nike Shox and Adidas Sambas hold space in the zeitgeist, it's clear that football is fashion's current game of choice. A phenomenon we're witnessing as the Blokette trend comes into focus, with its emphasis on Adidas and soccer jerseys, knee-high socks, braided hair, and Brazil green.

@jennifermika_ Adam sandler core &lt3 dc: @tracy.oj ♬ original sound - lesley gonzalez 💞

As we welcome Sandler-core with open arms, below we're sharing a handful of the Uncut Gems actor's schlubbiest looks yet, beginning with that memorable 2013 pickle snap.


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