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It’s all leather and sheer carnage for Acne Studios Spring Summer 2022, in a post apocalyptic fantasy

For Acne Studios Spring Summer 2022, creative director Jonny Johansson has done it once again. What was served at the show was pure ready-to-wear carnage tailed off with a hyper futuristic spin, bringing us a collection that revelled in something both tastefully chic and forward thinking.



Attention to detail is how we would best describe Acne Studios Spring Summer 2022. Even though at first, it appears to be all chaos. Patch-worked leather lace up mini dresses and pants debuted down the runway, alongside buckles, fastenings and witchy tailored corsets. What first appears as a crazy post apocalyptic sun shower, you only have to look closer to see, that once again, everything was well and truly thought out.



Creative director Jonny Johansson goes on to state, "we live in the age of self-identity, of instinct and experimentation. The look is provocative and hard, yet is grounded in handcrafts that are then subverted. It feels like the movement towards self-identity has been growing for a long time, but since the pandemic, and the death of office-wear, it has become this global force. I wanted to make an instinctive and provocative collection that captured this attitude of experimentation."



The looks are hard and fierce, for the emergence of a new woman has arrived. The collection lended itself towards an elegant mash up of sheers and boned dresses, alongside tailored garments that playfully toyed with deconstruction and reconstruction in all of its final execution.



A woman who is both provocative and seductive - a true heavenly creature living in a post apocalyptic Mad Max future. Child-like bonnets were styled and medieval belly chains accessorised the collection, complimented by soft touches of crochet and delicate knitwear.

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