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Lily-Rose Depp, HoYeon Jung and Renate Reinsve will star in ‘The Governesses’ by A24

the governesses

A24 has its whole production team camped out on the pulse. I only mention it because for its next film simply titled The Governesses, the production company has managed to snatch up a golden triumvirate of Lily-Rose Depp, HoYeon Jung and Renate Reinsve. That's a formidable cast if I ever heard one. It's also my dream lineup for a night out, so there's that too.

Steering the project is Joe Talbot and The Governesses marks his sophomore debut — his first directing role was on The Last Black Man in San Francisco.

What is The Governesses about?

Based on Anne Serre’s 2018 novel of the same name, The Governesses follows three spirit governesses who upend the households they work in, transforming all its inhabitants. First it begins with the boys in their care and then with the bohemian couple who employ them. Imaginations are stoked and minds are expanded and at the end of the day, all three governesses abandon their charges in pursuit of erotic adventures. We're imagining a mishmash of Little Women and The Pursuit of Love, naturally with that edgy A24 touch.

Considering the film only received the green light on April 7, we're a little scarce on details like a production start date, along with a trailer or official release date. But that's just showbiz, baby!

In the meantime you can console yourself with Renate Reinsve's role in Oscar-nominated film The Worst Person in the World. Her performance landed her the coveted Best Actress Award at Cannes Film Festival in 2021. Otherwise, you can feed on reruns of Squid Game for HoYeon. And if it's Lily-Rose Depp you're after? Well, I'm sorry dear pal. We're still waiting for the Sam Levinson-led film The Idol that Depp stars in with The Weeknd to drop. But there's always her other, slightly unhinged film Wolf?

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