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Lily-Rose Depp is giving us feline energy in the new trailer for ‘Wolf’

Just in case you didn't know it, Lily-Rose Depp has range. From period dramas to Christmas films, we're quickly learning that there's few roles the actress won't touch. Although if we're being completely honest, her latest role in Wolf is slightly more offbeat than usual.

In a trailer that can only be described as part Twilight part How I Live Now, we are introduced to Lily-Rose Depp or 'Wildcat' as she's known in the forthcoming film Wolf. Wildcat is part of a community known as Otherkin. While not recognised by the DSM-5, Otherkin experience 'species-dysphoria', a term that refers to people who feel as though they've been born into the body of the wrong species.


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Joining Depp is George Mackay - captain hunk and owner of a permanently furrowed brow - from 1917 and The True History of the Kelly Gang. Mackay plays the role of Jacob, fellow Otherkin who possesses wolfish tendencies (does this sound familiar?). Both Jacob and Wildcat are thrusted together in a place called 'The Zoo'. Sent by their parents, 'The Zoo' is a kind of rehabilitation centre for those experiencing species-dysphoria and as you can imagine, it's exactly as ominous as it sounds. As the film unravels, we see romance brew between Jacob and Wildcat as they come up against abusive staff and carers.

For director Nathalie Biancheri, her choice to zero in on the Otherkin community came from a desire to explore the "topical" experience of being born into another body. "I’m going to take the intellectual, emotional side that I find most interesting, and that is, what does it mean to feel like you belong to different skin?" she said. While we're excited to see Depp and Mackay give what will no doubt be a compelling performance, we can't deny that we're wary of drawing a comparison between Otherkin and gender-dysphoria, which is what, it seems, Biancheri is getting at.

Wolf, which premiered at Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month, is set to be released in theatres on December 3.

In the meantime, you can get your first glimpse of Lily-Rose Depp in the trailer for Wolf below. Furries eat your heart out!

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