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Test your film knowledge with this new crossword book from A24

Just like the Sally Rooney bucket hats and The New Yorker tote bags, it's never about reading the book or watching the film, but making sure people know you have. A24 cottoned onto this fact a long time ago. Remember its creepy and iconic cookbook Horror Caviar? Or the Euphoria book box set? We certainly do. Now the production company is moving on to another merchandise project, with its 99 Movie Crosswords puzzle book. So if you're a seasoned player of The New York Times Sunday crossword, then here's your next obsession.

Edited by Anna Shechtman – a prolific crossword savant for the major news titles who created her first at the age 14 – and reeling in expert crossword makers at The New York Times and The New Yorker, the book covers all kinds of film territory. Expect puzzles on movies genres like musicals and buddy comedies to Soviet cinema and slasher horror. There's even inclusions dedicated to Twin Peaks and Stanley Kubrick.

The best thing about it, is that the way the book is structured means 99 Movie Crosswords caters to both cinephile and neophile, with easy, medium and hard sections dependent on your level of crossword-solving skills. So whether you're a film or crossword novice, or you live and breathe both pastimes, there's a pot for every lid in this puzzle book – you can put your pencils away.

Not only that, but the final section of the book includes nine puzzles created in tandem with A24 alumni, like Jenny Slate and  Stephanie Hsu, along with other actors, writers and composers like David Lowery, Megan Amram, Lulu Wang, Tim Heidecker, Emile Mosseri, Elsie Fisher, and Ashley Clark.

So where can you pick up a copy of 99 Movie Crosswords? The puzzle book is available now for $34, online at the A24 website. Happy sleuthing!

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Images: A24