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A year of The Face

Here's lookin’ at you, kid. There was something about them all - the way they moved, the way they laughed - that captivated us from the first second.

First there was Farah, “flaky, flighty, romantic, impulsive and passionate," and Atty, who was “hardly without a book in my hand”. Isabell was the coolest girl in the room without ever trying, and Maggie seemed otherworldly in a way you could never replicate. Iowa beauty Jay gave us the best energy, Moa made us feel nothing but free and Phoenix told us all the best places to go dancing in NYC, before designer and muse Mari opened up about her Brazilian upbringing and winemaker Michele (Kissser to her friends) got us seriously considering a sparkly eyeshadow for the holiday season.

Here, the Faces of 2018 in motion, soundtracked by Jack Grace’s Us. Press play.