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Isabell Andreeva

OFF-WHITE jumper from Harrolds.

She reminds us of the supers of the 90s; long, tousled locks, bee stung pout, with an attitude to match the nostalgia: it was all a party back then - why be serious when you could be having fun? "I grew up right in the middle of Germany. It’s pretty country there and not that much going on, but I loved it since you have a lot more freedom as a child and people are quite relaxed." Those carefree years shaped the woman she is today, her friends describe her as "chill", but she finds inspiration in the power women of every generation: “[My idols are] Beyoncé and Frida Kahlo.” In the stifling warmth of a Sydney heatwave she was still the coolest girl in the room. Get to know our new Face of April - Isabell Andreeva.

SAINT LAURENT t-shirt and SONG FOR THE MUTE dress from Harrolds; SOCC socks.

'Bella' or 'Isa' to those she holds closest, she was first spotted during her years studying in Germany, "I was at university in Frankfurt at the time and got scouted whilst working in a shoe store in the mall." Fast forward and you might catch her playing muse on Miu Miu's runway, resplendent in 50s-style animal print and gemstone earrings, or perhaps gothic-lipped and studded in Vivienne Westwood's collection presentation. "[Modelling] forces you to go out of your comfort zone," she tells us, "and gives me the chance to travel places I probably would never be able to see."

SARA BATTAGLIA shirt and FEAR OF GOD pants from Harrolds; model’s own shoes.
COMME DES GARÇONS shirt from Harrolds; pants from Fabrique Vintage; model’s own shoes; stylist’s own belt.

"This guy who’s now my mother agent came up to me, asked me a bunch of stuff and then told me he’d send me to Paris so I was like … OK."

BALENCIAGA shirt and MANOLO BLAHNIK shoes from Harrolds; stylist’s own briefs; SOCC socks.
ACNE STUDIOS dress and SARA BATTAGLIA bag from Harrolds.
SAINT LAURENT jacket from Harrolds; shirt from Fabrique Vintage.

"I met most of my model friends in the beginning, when I didn't work much yet and mostly stayed in model apartments. We bonded over being bored and broke."

OFF-WHITE t-shirt from Harrolds; pants from Fabrique Vintage.

A perennial straight shooter, off-duty she's to the point and all about comfort, with a wardrobe close to our hearts, "skinny black jeans, sneakers and some cute tops". She's obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race and The Great British Bake Off, and when it comes to books she goes back to her old faithful, "The Shining". A reluctant Scorpio, "I don't think it means much," she's got a mind for business, with plans to start her own in the future. "I will start business online school this year, save as much money as I can and open a bed and breakfast after I quit modelling."

THOM BROWNE dress from Harrolds.

"The best advice I got was to not take any advice by anyone except from my mum."

STELLA MCCARTNEY shirt from Harrolds.

FASHION Natalie Petrevski
MODEL Isabell Andreeva @ Priscillas
HAIR Anthony Nader @ DLMAU
MAKEUP Nadine Monley @ Title Artist Management using Chanel Beauty

All clothing and accessories from Harrolds