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Maggie Maurer


"My name is Margaret Joy Maurer and I come from the future." That's the first thing you need to know about our Face of May, and with one glance we can't help but believe her. There's something ethereal about her features - those impossibly blue eyes, pale blonde locks and otherworldly cheekbones - it's no wonder her mother agency searched the country to find her. "I was not really scouted [originally]. My friend Tom Newton sent some pictures of me to Elmer Olsen in Toronto because Daria was one of his favourite models and Elmer discovered her. With no reply from Tom after he sent the photos, Elmer called every Margaret Maurer he could find until he found out where I worked. Very extra ..." The day we met Maggie it was cold and grey in London, but she captivated us from the first second. So we listened to music, talked life mottos and natural beauty tips, and got up close and personal with our newest digital covergirl, Maggie Maurer.


"Sometimes you have to let your life scare you. Things should not always be easy. If you never struggle you never learn and grow."

BURBERRY jumper and pants; CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoes.
MIU MIU singlet and briefs.

Raised in Upstate New York's Potsdam, Maurer's childhood was spent attending homeschool with her six other siblings, and adventuring as much as she could. "My older sister Maliah and I were inseparable. We were outside more than in, and always had friends that were twice our age," she says. But a serious work ethic was instilled in Maurer from the start, "I started working when I was nine, babysitting, and we would visit our best friends that moved all over the country as often as we could. They were also homeschooled so a proper calendar year had no matter. We were free, but also had to make sure the chores were done. If not, no play."

It's this dedication to work, whatever task it may be, that landed Maurer an exclusive contract walking with Calvin Klein in her first season in 2013, before quickly being tapped by Maison Margiela, Céline and Gucci. "I saw [modelling] as an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone, and with one choice I changed the whole path of my life ... [What I enjoy most is] going to places I would never experience otherwise, the people I get to meet and making beautiful images." Maurer's personal mantra speaks to this nomadic lifestyle she's carved out for herself: "You create the world you live in". Her other motto? "Treat others the way you want to be treated."

"[I'm a] Scorpio. In some ways. Loyal, caring, tolerant and strong in who they are. Stars signs should not define you, but give you an understanding of yourself and the characteristics you possess."

CÉLINE top and skirt.

When it comes to personal beauty, Maurer is nothing but natural: "Don't put anything on your skin you would not put in your mouth," she advises. "I don't use soap, it upsets the natural PH of your skin. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water for toner, rose water mist. I have recently added a zinc spray into this. Let it dry, then aloe (the one I buy also has tea tree in it), then coconut oil with a drop of lavender essential oil." Her personal style is just as low key: "Easy. A chic, comfortable boy," she describes, adding her go-to outfit for a night out is "whatever I am wearing at the time. If I have to go home to change I won't go back out. Also, if I am already at home, I probably won't go either."

HUISHAN ZANG jumpsuit.
MOLLY GODDARD dress from; PRADA shoes.

"[My] current obsessions? How the brain works - that is a constant. And balance."


To make her smile? That's easy. "My friends, my boyfriend's hands (and him in general), good food, dogs, cosiness, supporting the passions of the people I care about." And as for the future? "Keeping my mind quite open. Opportunities are always there and one choice changes the direction of where you think you will end up constantly. I try to live as much in the present as I can cause this is where I am now, you can not go back and you never know how far your life will take you. So it's important to stay present or it will pass right before your eyes."

MIU MIU top and skirt; MULBERRY shoes.

FASHION Anna Foster
MODEL Maggie Maurer @ IMG
HAIR Alfie
MAKEUP Mel Arter @ CLM using Lancôme
SET DESIGN Jess Murphy