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Driven by passion and pain, meet our ‘Lust’ coverstar, Zinnia Kumar

zinnia kumar cover star

Cover star Zinnia Kumar is guided by her moral compass. Every decision she makes motivated only by good intentions. She is a vocal colourism and ethnic representation advocate, challenging injustices and championing inclusivity in the fashion industry. Her perception of lust is longing urgently for something, which fluctuates from a fundamental change in society or two cups of tea in the morning.

Defining her best self as when she is able to think and act freely, she is fiery and driven by both passion and pain which she channels into action as positive change. Zinnia Kumar is a force and she has something to say. We’d better listen.

Kumar is most devoted to trying to create some form of tangible change in the world, never compromising on her integrity and feels she is at her best self when she is able to think and act freely. The ambitious Aries speaks fondly of her life in London, grateful for the opportunities that have come her way since moving to England.

I feel my most confident when … “I can just be me, unobstructed, in all my ironic oddness, challenging people’s long held sentiments in a positive way.”

Kumar’s lust for change began as a child, when she didn’t understand why some kids were seemingly liked by everyone, while others, like herself, were excluded. She made a conscious effort to make friends with children she saw being singled out, especially those who looked or sounded ‘different.’ She realised pointing out problems and complaining achieved very little, the only way to create tangible change to find solutions to existing problems and implement them.

I am my true self when … I always am. There is no other way to live. Why live an illusion to keep up appearances when it doesn’t align with your inner self?”

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PHOTOGRAPHY Jesse Lizotte @ Bernstein & Andriulli
FASHION Charlotte Agnew
MODEL Zinnia Kumar @ Priscillas
HAIR Pete Lennon @ HM Division
MAKEUP Nisha Van Berkel
STYLIST’S ASSISTANTS India Stibilj and Rosie DesChanel
SET DESIGN Eleanor Ferguson
LOCATION Sun Studios

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