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‘NU’ is the latest range from YSL Beauty made with Gen Z in mind

YSL Beauty has just laid out the perfect beauty trap for Gen Z and I've got to tell you, we love it.

NU is YSL beauty's first foray into the grey area where beauty meets skincare. Translating to 'naked' in french, NU speaks to our love for simple beauty that is good for our skin. In the campaign we glimpse model favourites like Ruby Campbell, Sirena Warren and Chella Man celebrate their skin, freckles, scarring and all. The range is fuss free, playful and all about embracing your "signature features".

In the NU range, you'll find five new products that blur the lines between makeup and skincare. First in the lineup is the Glow In Balm, a light-weight priming moisturiser. Infused with light reflecting pearls and geranium rosat extract it's the first step in the NU range to achieve maximum glow. You don't need help in that department? Turn to the Blotting Lotion instead. A matte priming lotion that strives to reduce unwanted shine and the appearance of pores. A handy thing to have in your toolbox for days when makeup is not an option.

To ward off pesky dark circles, redness and pigmentation YSL Beauty have added a Tone Corrector to their NU Collection. Verbena extract and powerful antioxidant vitamin E were added to the product for a comfortable wear. Tone Corrector comes in three different colours, rosy, golden and green. Featuring humectants like hyaluronic acid, plant-based glycerin and brightening mallow, the Bare Look Tint is theoretically a tinted moisturiser but with the coverage of a BB cream. Dab on with fingers, blend and you're ready to go. And almost as though they new we were obsessed, YSL Beauty rounds off the NU range with Dewy Mist, a hydrating face spray made with jojoba oil and pomegranate extract.

All tubes from this range are made from between 25% to 100% recycled materials and are printed with vegetal ink. And in another nod to the environment, the range is packaged without plastic sleeves. A win in any universe.

The range is available online on YSL beauty's US website.



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