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No strings attached – ghd’s new styling tool is made for travelling

Not all hot tools are created equal. Some are for convenience, some for ergonomics and some for performance. And occasionally you might find one that combines all three factors in equal measure. Introducing the ghd Unplugged, a considered hair straightener that knows exactly what you need from a hair straightener.


What is the ghd Unplugged and makes it different?

The ghd Unplugged is a hair straightener, but a compact iteration. It's much smaller - shorter and lighter, weighing just 300 grams. It's a device designed with travel in mind, it's exactly the right size to fit in your carry on luggage or even in your handbag. It comes in two colours, either sleek black or bright white.

Probably the most innovative feature which you can infer from the name 'unplugged', the device is cordless - one of the first of its kind. Instead of requiring a cord for power, it's rechargeable via a wall charging kit that comes in the box.

But compact and cordless doesn't mean it's not powerful. The ghd Unplugged heats up just like other ghd devices. In fact, it comes up to temperature in just 45 seconds. Although, it doesn't have multiple heat settings like other devices, just an on and off button.

Another unique feature, according to the product description, the silky ceramic plates on the ghd Unplugged deliver 65 percent more shine to your hair when compared with naturally drying hair.


What it's like to use

As someone with long and dense hair, this device was a pleasure to use. The lighter weight alone makes it significantly more ergonomic. Manoeuvring the device around your head is far easier and it's more comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

As for styling cord-free, what a dream! You can move the Unplugged over your sink without knocking all your products off the vanity, you can take it around the back of your head without a cord in your hair and best of all, you can style your hair even if you're not near a powerpoint. It mean this device can come with you on a plane if you're travelling or even just to work for touch-ups after a long day.

In the interest of total transparency, I'm not sure if I noticed the 65 percent more shine in my hair, since my hair is naturally quite shiny owing to my keratin treatment. But my hair was definitely very soft and tangle-free after use. Also, since my hair takes about an hour and half to straighten in full, I wasn't able to do my hair on one charge so I did have to plug back in once or twice. But I was able to do the whole back section cord-free. It also turns off after three minutes of inactivity to preserve charge and it will give you a 20 percent battery warning so you'll know if you need to hurry up.


The details: temperature, charger type, charge time

Since this device doesn't have multiple temperature settings, it heats to a flat 185 degrees - the ideal temperature for most styling. It would have been a nice touch to have a cooler temperature for those that want the option, but what you sacrifice in an extra setting you make up for in its compact size.

The charger it takes is a USBC and this has to be one of my favourite things about the ghd Unplugged. With all the device that come with modern life - iPads, laptops, smart watches, kindles, phone, cameras and more - having a different charger for every device you own is a nightmare. Especially when packing to travel. I love that this straightener takes a universal charger, so you don't necessarily have to take it's exact charger with you as long as you have one that is the same Wattage. It also means you can plug in and charge from your laptop, which is pretty cool. You'll get about 20 minutes of battery life out of a charge and it takes two hours to charge in full.

All-in-all, there's not much to dislike. The ghd Unplugged been intuitively crafted to solve many hair styling problems and it's definitely now a mainstay in my hair routine.


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