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Frances McDormand, Claire Foy and Rooney Mara to share the screen in blockbuster adaptation of ‘Women Talking’

Women Talking film

Late last year, when news emerged that Frances McDormand would be joining forces with actor turned director, Sarah Polley for a new film, our interest was understandably piqued. Then, when we discovered it was to create the film adaptation of Miriam Toews’ bestselling novel Women Talking; it was virtually impossible for us to contain our excitement.

In the months that have followed, we've waited patiently (but eagerly) for any new updates on the film; outside of the plotline and McDormand's involvement. Now, after six months of speculation, it has been confirmed that Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley, Rooney Mara, and Ben Whishaw will also be joining the cast of Women Talking. Talk about an all-star lineup.

Truthfully, the cast alone should be enough to make this a much-watch. But if you're after more details on what to expect from what is sure to be a blockbuster film, here's everything you need to know about Women Talking.


What is the plotline of Women Talking?

As we already mentioned, Women Talking is being adapted from Toews' bestselling 2018 novel of the same name. Nowadays, it's pretty common to see books being adapted for the big screen, but this is definitely one worth noting. Following its release, the novel was named a Best Book of the Year By The New York Times Book Review, NPR.Org, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Slate, Publishers Weekly and Time; among many others.

The story follows a group of women living in an isolated religious community; who are struggling to reconcile their faith following a series of sexual assaults committed by the colony’s men.


Who has been cast to star in the film?

The cast of Women Talking reads like a who's who list of Hollywood film royalty. We can only assume that McDormand will take on a leading role, but with the likes of Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley, Rooney Mara, and Ben Whishaw also in the mix, we can't wait to see which characters they take on.

Also joining the team are newcomers August Winter and Liv McNeil and Kate Hallett; who will make their feature film debuts.


Do we have a release date for the Women Talking film yet?

Unfortunately, the production of the film seems to still be in its infancy. So, there are no concrete details on when we can expect to see Women Talking on our screens. Stay tuned for more updates to come.


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