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The 7 hair colour trends you should try for a winter refresh

7 winter hair colour trends

If there is one thing we love about the winter months it's an excuse to try out a brand new shade. Over the summer, we spend so much time in and out of the sun and surf that our strands take a beating. All that overexposure from UVA's and other environmental factors can really do a number on the longevity of our colour. So really, there is no better excuse than to run on over to our hair stylist for a brand new look to try out.

Changing colour can always be a little intimidating, but there is no reason that should get in the way of trialing something a little different. For those a little shy, starting simply with a few baby lights or even a glossy toner can do wonders. But if you're looking to take the plunge we have a few options worthy of your consideration.


Strawberry Copper


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Strawberry Copper the chic older sister of copper. Seen on the likes of Phoebe Dynevor and Sophie Turner, the warm hue has been highly requested leaning into the winter months. It's warm enough to suit many skin types, while still allowing the hair to shine. Typically, the colour works best over blondes or those with red tones but it can be easily achieved with the right maintenance.


Icy Blonde


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Ever since Gigi Hadid stepped out with her newly minted bright blonde, various iterations have been popping up all over the place. It makes sense, when the weather turn all we really want is to embody the aesthetic of a Scandi snow bunny. But going platinum should always be taken with the upmost care and consideration. Speak to your hair colourist about the gentlest way to achieve the colour with lasting results. Investing in hair care will be essential, K18's Leave-In-Mask does an amazing job of rebuilding the structure of the hair from the inside out.


Expensive Brunette

Darker hues have been having their worthy moment in the spotlight. Rich, glossy hues will never go out of style and let's face it they are always key when it comes to low maintenance. This year has been all about "expensive brunette" with stars like Hailey Beiber and Dakota Johnson both following suit. Shiny, natural and radiant, think a chestnut brown base with peekaboo honey ends, these are the traits that embody its namesake.


Mulled Wine


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Hair colours inspired by our favourite cosy, winter beverages? Please, sign us up! But in all truth, these are colour themes big for the winter season. We're talking, ginger cider, mulled wine, and cinnamon chai tones. These warmer bodied hues add dimension and vibrancy. Easily achieved in salon, but you can also get Zendaya's exact Emmy shade in the comfort of your own home thanks to Overtone's conditioning kits.




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Another from the brown family, a deep, rich, dark shade. Similar to the warm drink itself, the hue gives us a luxurious, warm feel just from just looking at it. You can choose to cool it down to add some sleekness or keep it as is for easy, stress free hair colour.


Creamy Blonde


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If you're not on the platinum band wagon this can be a worthy first step, a hint of warmth makes this shade feel easily achievable. Try baby lights around the front for some extra dimension. A great shampoo and conditioner like Colour Wow's Colour Security can do wonders for the long wearability of this shade.


Sunset Bronde

Wanting a bit of the best of both worlds? Going bronde is your winter time best friend, and will let your roots breathe. Channel your inner Bella Hadid and let your dark roots gradually go lighter for a simple reverse ombré look. Both deep and warm, this sunset blonde shade is effortless.

Still thinking about how to achieve the perfect mermaid mane? Take a look at our selection of the best hair growth products to get your thick and luscious locks back in an instant.

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