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Over to the dark side – Diane Gorgievski speaks with RUSSH about why brunettes are taking over in 2022

brunette hair trends 2022

After what feels like an eternity trapped in the confines of our home, we've seen our interest in high maintenance hair upkeep dwindling to say the least. It's true, this year our crowning glory has been looking for a refresh, but in keeping with our new lifestyle that is much less fuss. In recent months we've been pleasantly surprised with the influx of brunette that we've seen gracing our feeds. Thanks to the sultry new sable hue debuted by Hailey Bieber late last year, we're all but convinced. But the question remains, which colour and how do we get there? Thankfully, we have Diane Gorgievski.

Diane Gorgievski has been leading the way in contemporary hair styling for many years. As one of Sydney's premier hair experts, she made a name for herself internationally working alongside some of the most prestigious hairdressers including the likes of Luigi Murenu.

In 2016, she launched Koda Cutters, the salon known to elevate the mane's of all who seek her talents to raw and cutting edge levels. Given this, we thought no better than to ask the woman herself all about this latest colour trend sweeping us up. A creator and innovator, Diane has an instinct to hair that sees her often on the fringe of trends. Her salon, Koda Cutters, extending an individual experience for artists and her high-profile clientele.

Here, we ask her all about the biggest brunette hair trends in 2022, her recommended maintenance for the shade, and her brunette icon of choice.

We’ve noticed a dark wave trending with hair over the last few months. What do you attribute this to?

I feel we have been embracing our natural tones due to forced breaks from being in salon. People have been wanting their hair to feel healthy and glossy. Overall, after dealing with the pandemic, I think we all just want to spend less time in the chair.

What do you think are going to be the biggest trending shades of brown in 2022?

I feel Matte browns with blanket coverage from roots to ends are on trend. We saw this appeal particularly with Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid here. It's all about maintaining gloss all over. The health of the hair is where the focus is going forward.

Any tips for blondes who are preparing to transition?

I would suggest using micro lighting with natural colours instead of lighteners. This helps to create dimensional colours without the damage or harsh regrowth. It's a safer method and will maintain the dignity of the hair health. First and foremost, it would be great to book a consultation in with your hairdresser so they can fully advise based on the current condition of the hair.

What about hair care and maintenance when moving over to darker shades?

My go to is Brown Lights by Redken – keeping all in the brown family. It's cool toned and orange and red free!

Are there any major cuts you’d love to see along with this colour trend?

Bangs and face framing – I just love that Brigette Bardot face frame and shape. It's all about the bangs this year. We've seen this be a particular focal point particularly when looking at maintaining those more worn in brunette colours. A shaggy cut is a great helper when it comes to growing out natural colour. It looks more natural and effortless as it grows from the root.

We’d love to know your favourite styling products. Are there any favourites you can recommend?

I am obsessed with Oribe super shine that extenuates natural texture and keeps hair at optimal moisture level. I love Redken fashion waves for those “lived in looks” and can’t go past Virtue texturising spray for deconstructed looks. It all comes down to the least fuss. A product that can give the hair organic shape and texture while allowing it to keep its natural form. Love it!

Finally, who is your favourite dark haired beauty icon of all time?

It has to be Penelope Cruze. Sultry, sophisticated and the best volume to boot.

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