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The winter pieces we’re living in according to the RUSSH editors

Winter in Australia is always an interesting time for fashion. Some of us plunged into the icy depths of sub-zero temperatures while the Darwin and Brisbane folks enjoy sunny days of 25 degrees.

But wherever you are, winter does undeniably offer us more opportunities for layering, mixing, matching and comforting cosiness. And with this in mind, we're sharing the pieces we accumulated this season that ended up as much-loved favourites. Now half way through our cold season, below find the fashion items the RUSSH team have been living in this winter.



Fashion market editor


This winter has yet been another wild ride here in Sydney, and with the city in lockdown it seems hibernating is all we’re really left to do. This winter I’m leaning into everything that feels most comfortable, starting with my favourite basic staple - a white long sleeve shirt in recycled cotton by New York brand Noah that only seems to soften so perfectly over time. As I live alone, pants have become quite the optional and have opted for beautiful intimates instead, lounging in my essential bikini briefs by Kye Intimates. And for my aspirational grocery run, I turn to none other than the Maison Margiela Black Tabi leather ballet or New Balance 990 in Navy.


Megan Nolan

Digital operations manager



It’s been a weird winter here in Sydney with lockdown which means my staples (to my dismay) have mostly been activewear. There are the occasional days where I want to feel human again however and this Bec + Bridge Knit Cardigan has been doing it for me. The moment I can hit the dancefloor again I’ll also be living in this sparkly knit skivvy. Life is too short to ever miss a chance to wear glitter.


Mia Steiber

Digital content director


Winter wardrobes are something that I believe are built over many seasons. I like to buy just a few pieces each season and keep them for years to come. This year I decided it was finally time to buy a pair of white jeans - A Brand denim of course, it’s the best for hourglass frames. And I am astounded as to just how much I’ve worn them. Likewise, the cosy knit that has been my ride or die is this jumper from Country Road. It is a trend colour, which I normally stay away from, but I have every faith it will come back into fashion if it goes out.

Then of course, there’s my loungewear. Even if Sydney wasn’t in the midst of a lockdown down, I would still be living in this green loungewear set. There’s something about wearing a coordinating set that makes me feel more put together, but I can still be completely comfy. For keeping warm on my government-sanctioned daily walks it’s been this Afends oversized hoodie. I’ve never normally been an oversized fan, but I’ve found myself swayed. 

I would also be lying if I said I hadn’t spent an unhealthy amount of time in this Papinelle pj set and Emu slippers combo.


Ella Jane

Content editor


There comes a point where loungewear in a winter lockdown slowly morphs into pyjamas, and then you haven’t gotten out of your pyjamas in a week. While the prospect of getting properly dressed is still a far away option in my world, I’m leaning into a category of semi-dressing. Staples that are loose enough to sit around in all day, but put together enough to venture out to buy bread. My pieces of choice live in this realm, and we are happy together for now. 

It’s the Acne Loose Boot Cut jeans in a size up for some skater boy energy - which, I understand the horror of jeans at home, but trust, with the extra room and a soften in the wash, you’ll barely notice them - and Christopher Esber’s joyful Lambada Sands Sleeveless Knit Vest in Tangerine. Wear it layered with a cotton long sleeve or alone if the heating is high enough.



Lucienne Bambridge

Brand & campaigns coordinator



Dare I say it - I’m loving sweat sets this winter. There may have been a time I swore off sweatpants because let’s be real, I’m barely a jeans-kind-of-girl let alone a sweatpants wearer. ‘Saggy Bums’ is what they were always called in my household. But, covid has me rethinking all long standing pet hates - including the dreaded ‘trackies’. Put them in a matching set and I’m down. Namelazz has some more respectable offerings in terms of tailored sweats - but Adidas has me covered for the days I just can’t. 

The trick to ducking outside, dignity intact? Wrap up in your chicest trench. I can’t get enough of my Mo&Co trench, tracksuit or not, this is a longstanding trans-seasonal fave. 

Of course, like many of those working from home, pants have become optional in my little household of one. So, may as well wear cute underwear and Love Stories has me covered for this.


Elyssa Kostopoulos

Content producer


As my fellow team members have quickly learned, the winter wardrobe is where I thrive. Wrap me up in a thousand and one layers and set me out into the wild (the streets of Paddington) to brave the day. This year, my go-to pieces were in need of an update (there’s only so long I can continue wearing the same black skivvy). Naturally, this justified a trip to ol faithful Uniqlo for a replenishment of my favourite turtlenecks and sweaters. I also somehow managed to score myself an oversized cream knit from the Jil Sander collection, which felt similar to winning the lottery. 

Thankfully, these pieces have come in handy even on the gloomiest of lockdown days – encouraging me to change into my best sweatpants (Les Tien on the days I’m feeling extra fancy) and snuggle into my comfiest, but still chic, jumper. To spice up my WFH outfit lineup, I also recently added a pair of dad sneakers to my kit; although much to the dismay of our Brand & Campaigns Coordinator Lucienne. Throw a panelled, weighted trench over the top and call it a day!


Gabriela Hidalgo

Brand & art director



My inner rebel relishes the idea of pairing 'workwear' (or anything once reserved for the outside world) with the hoodie you’ve slept in. And if I were to summarise my aesthetic this winter, that would be it. Suiting and tracksuits, the best of both worlds.

There is just something about the humble ‘grey marle’ that brings instant comfort. It is versatile, classic, nostalgic and has taken residence deep within my subconscious as something akin to a warm comfort blanket. I cannot be alone in this! This winter I’ve returned to the absolute basics, 99% of which are in grey marle of course. A high cut Bonds brief, chunky sock (never worn to bed), a hoodie three-four sizes too large and of course, the oversized trench or blazer.


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