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Why we need Australian fashion

While we continue to navigate a landscape none of us are familiar with, we come to intersections that pose questions of support, and how to do so with small businesses responsibly. Along with the rest of the world, the Australian fashion industry has taken a massive hit. With production factories all over the world closing and restrictions placed on local workplaces, production is struggle enough. Pair this with wholesale buyers pulling out of orders, a decrease in shopping as many of us face financial uncertainty, and the health and safety of teams and you are met with a near impossible scenario.

Supporting small businesses is more important than ever if we want to see the ones we love come out the other side, there is no denying this. We spoke with some of our favourite Australian designers on how to support small businesses in the time of COVID-19, but what about the why? For some, supporting local is a happy afterthought, for others it is front-of-mind.

From a sustainability lens, fast fashion is responsible for a number of environmentally damaging factors. Textile production produces 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 per year, less than 1% of materials used to produce clothing is being recycled into new clothing, leaving the rest, usually comprised of synthetic materials ending up in landfill. There it is either incinerated or left to barely decay. Most of this waste, is down to poorly-made, mass-produced clothing at accessible price points. In this area, we are void of judgement if this is what is financially realistic for you to purchase. But if there is extra to spend, why not do so with brands that produce garments you will own for years to come?

Most small Australian brands pride themselves on sustainable practices, high quality-control and other methods that make the price tag worth it. If not for a better planet, for a better clothing experience, both are a gift which keeps on giving - particularly if it’s lasted a number of years, causing us to consume less in the long-haul.

When we look at the Australian brands we love, they are bound by common thread (pun intended - sorry). The essence of Australia is captured in silhouette and quality. Brands like Bassike, where sustainability and local production is front of mind. Or Bondi Born, who are not only implementing measures for planetary wellbeing, but embracing every version of women. Or Christopher Esber, who’s true office-to-beach-to-bar silhouettes riff off of the ease of Australian women, and environment which they live in, making each piece truly versatile and enduring.

These are just a few of our favourites, and the brands that make us feel at home in times of discomfort, whether it be engineering or the sheer joy of feeling included in an idea, we lean on the brands closest to us for a sense of luxury amid a situation that is the least bit so.

In light of this, and to further support our Australian community, RUSSH presents The Australian Edit, an online shopping event hosted between 11-14th May in place of what would have been MBFWA, RUSSH has teamed up with some of the biggest names in Australian fashion to offer discounts exclusively to members of the RUSSH Club. All the details of The Australian Edit are available on here.

Those wishing to shop The Australian Edit can visit the page to sign up to the RUSSH Club now. We will be notifying our community when the discounts are live at 9am 11 May. You can use the hashtag #TheAustralianEdit to see details of the event on social media.

We hope you will join us for this special celebration of Australian ingenuity and creativity.

Image credit: @phoebejtonkin