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ABC and Netflix’s ‘Why Are You Like This’ is set to be Australian TV’s most transgressive new show

why are you like this

It's been a while since something actually transgressive has been born on Australian soil, so the news that a new series coming to ABC and Netflix entitled, Why Are You Like This is set to surpass most Australian television content from the lens of progress is certainly something that has pricked up our ears.

The six episode special which is set to launch on February 16, follows three twenty-something friends through the "contemporary socio-political hellscape of the modern world", and narrates their journey with individual moral codes as they are forced to confront the complex social issues that are brought to light in today's society, leaving a "path of destruction in their wake." The series has been commissioned by the ABC and Netflix, alongside being supported by Screen Australia on the strength of the pilot episode - a preview which premiered as part of the ABC and Screen Australia’s Fresh Blood initiative.

The series is co-created by actors Naomi Higgins, Mark Samual Bonanno, and illustrator, writer and lawyer Humyara Mahbub. “We knew we wanted to make something we'd never really seen in Australia before - the original thought was, can we write the filthiest thing that's ever been on Australian TV, but shoot and produce it with style and beauty. Hence our new, young team was formed, with a fresh gaze we were able to approach every aspect of the project from non-traditional angles to make something that is not only truly collaborative, but a true testament to our original intentions,” said Higgins, Bonanno and Mahbub.

For those missing the youthful, housematey Australian energy emulated from shows like Josh Thomas' Please Like Me (sans racially insensitive creator), Why Are You Like This appears to seek to fill the gap that has been left behind since the former show finished.

Why Are You Like This premieres Tuesday 16th February with all episodes available on ABC iview and a double episode on ABC TV Plus. Watch the trailer below.

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