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We can’t stop thinking about Romy Mars, the Coppola Nepo Baby of TikTok

We all remember where we were: a pony-tailed teen made Pasta alla Vodka because she was grounded for chairing a helicopter over to see her camp friend. In the video, she claims to misidentify an onion for a bulb of garlic before chopping both with scary ease. With a deadpan, snickering delivery that belied her years, she was proclaimed to be the nepo baby of the masses. The video was soon wiped. But the damage had been done. A New Princess Di was crowned. That teenager was unmasked to be none other than Romy Mars, daughter to one Sofia Coppola and Phoenix band man Thomas Mars.

@justsayrad #RomyCroquet, daughter to Sofia Coppola, is the greatest #nepobaby. 😂 #FreeRomyCroquet ♬ original sound - Radheyan Simonpillai


How did Mars grow into public conscience?

Mars was kept out of the limelight per her parents' collective desire to raise their children out of public eye. The viral TikTok of 2023 was the first appearance of Romy's, apart from a handful of red carpet appearances with her mother. Romy made her proper red carpet debut last week for Cannes alongside her grandfather, Francis Ford Coppola for the Megalopolis premiere. Clock the head-to-toe CHANEL.



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What is Romy Mars up to now?

After the viral TikTok of 2023, Romy has now released two debut songs on Wednesday (22 May). The tracks were produced by psychedic pop artist Claud. Both singles Stuck Up and From a Distance offer a low-energy, confessional track over pared-back instrumentals.  Muffled percussion and bouncy acoustic guitar accompany the songs. The cover features the young Mars with her hands on either sides of her head, staring coolly into frame over a black snorkelling mask. In a comical twist, the musical release is marked with a PG warning. This is a 180 degree nod to the fact that the self-styled nepo baby entered the mainstream while she was initially grounded.

We will be cheering Mars on while her next big project unveils. On socials or on embargoed release, the Coppola brood will be watched.


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