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Stacey Abrams’ highly-anticipated novel, ‘While Justice Sleeps’, is being made into a series just days after its release

While Justice Sleeps series

At the beginning of this year, we placed Stacey Abrams' book, While Justice Sleeps, firmly on our list of the top 10 new books to add to your reading lineup. The compelling thriller was already receiving early hype, and now that the novel has finally been released; it seems as though the rest of the world also agrees with our sentiment. On the same day that While Justice Sleeps hit bookstore shelves, it was also announced that Abrams' book would be getting the TV series treatment. And honestly, did we expect anything less from a woman with such talent?

It isn't a surprise that the announcement follows on from a high-stakes bidding war for the rights to the former politician's words. In the end, the Universal Studios Group division prevailed, with chairman, Pearlena Igbokwe, sharing; "As the media landscape continues to flourish with infinite content, we are excited to embark on this journey with Stacey, who has played an instrumental role in the American narrative and now, television industry. We look forward to bringing a level of authenticity, cultural representation and universal storytelling to this project, which we believe audiences will enjoy."

The highly-anticipated book follows the story of Avery Keene, a brilliant young law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Howard Wynn. After her boss falls into a deep coma, she discovers that she has been listed as Wynn's legal guardian and power of attorney. As she finds herself navigating a role she never anticipated, Keene discovers that her boss was previously investigating a string of Washington scandals woven into one of the most controversial cases before the court.

While Justice Sleeps is the first novel published under Abrams’ real name, as her previous romance novels and memoirs were written under the pseudonym, Selena Montgomery. Abrams will be staying close to the project, taking on the role of executive producer, but given we're still in the early days, we're yet to find out any more details about the cast or team. We'll certainly be eagerly waiting for any more updates to come.

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