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Where to watch ‘Anora’, the film that won the Palme d’Or at Cannes

The film that snagged the coveted Palme d’Or prize at Cannes Film Festival was none other than tragicomedy Anora. Directed by Sean Baker, the story of a sex worker who marries into wealth a la Russian Oligarch had captivated the judging panel. Greta Gerwig, who chaired the panel, commended the film for its humanity: “It captured our hearts and lets us laugh and then broke our hearts," the director said in an announcement. With a moving performance from Mikey Madison in title role Ani, the award was dedicated by Baker to "all sex workers past and present". Baker, who has previously shot greats such as Tangerine and Red Rocket took home the prize against 21 contesting works. Anora surpassed submissions from Francis Ford Coppola and David Cronenberg.

"This has been my life's goal, so to reach this place is … I'm going to have to do some thinking tonight about what's next," Baker has said in a statement.

With the swirl of press and public attention, it's only natural that we want to assess Anora with our own eyes. Below, we round up all the places to access the film, outside of the South of France. A girl can dream, I suppose. Until then, here's how to access the Palme d’Or winner.


When will Anora be released?

After Neon secured the distribution rights to Anora in November 2023, it is reported that the film would have a theatrical release. Its release date could come anywhere from mid to late 2024. Until then, we will have to brush up on Baker's old filmography to get ourselves acquainted.

Where can I watch Anora?

HBO Max - From November 5th, 2024, paying subscribers can access the film on the HBO Max interface.

Amazon Prime - Details will follow, as soon as we know more.

Netflix - Details will follow, as soon as we know more.


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