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Want cookware with a lifetime guarantee? Here’s where we go to shop Le Creuset

If you've spent your nights surfing the TikTok algorithm, then at some point you've probably come across French cookware label, Le Creuset. If you're a little older, your first introduction is more likely to have been at your grandmother's table.

More recently Le Creuset has captured the attention of Gen Z, which says it all really. The French label, which began crafting up colourful enamel cast iron pots and pans in 1925, has garnered a reputation, yes for its quality, but for the lifestyle implied by owning one of its dutch ovens. It's no wonder it's enjoyed a resurgence in the years since the pandemic.

Let me break it down. To own a Le Creuset is to be a gourmand, or to align yourself as one at least. You're a good cook or aspire to be. And we all know how good food makes everyone feel. It's a cosiness that's we can't seem to get enough of in this increasingly uncertain world – dramatic but true. Then there's the French aspect. Countless books exist as guides to do as the Parisians do. I'm certain one step would say, "own a Le Creuset".

So do you? Because it's no coincidence that your grandmother's pot is looking as fresh as it did the day she received it as a wedding gift. The cookware is made to stand the test of time. Especially if you take care of them. So if you're not set to inherit a Le Creuset casserole in the near future, below we're rounding up a list of places to source them yourself, for a lifetime of delicious meals and happy eating.


1. Le Creuset

It might seem a little on the nose, but if it's Le Creuset you seek then head straight to the source. All the special edition ranges drop here first, which makes complete sense. For the most part, they'll often have deals on different pieces which is a lifesaver for those of us who don't have cash burning a hole in our pockets.


2. Kitchen Warehouse

If you've inherited your casserole dish, then lucky you. For those of us starting our collection from scratch, purveyor of all things kitchenware, Kitchen Warehouse has a large of offering of Le Creuset to have you well on your way. From bakeware to it's non-stick line, they've got all bases from the French label covered, now it's just up to you to discover it.


3. David Jones

If you're after a brick-and-mortar store to shop Le Creuset, say for a wedding or housewarming gift, then explore the range in the flesh at your local David Jones. They tend to have a variety of sizes and colours, so you can pick up and handle the pieces you've had your eye on. Hey, while you're shopping, who knows? You may even pick up a pepper grinder or mug set to take home for yourself.


4. Myer

Griddles, spoon rests, splatter guards – Myer has it all. Including cleaning essentials like a nylon scrubbing brush and a pot and pan cleaner. Shipping is relatively speedy but there's also the option to pick up in store if need be.


5. Minimax

Since its opening in 1967, Minimax has proudly stocked Le Creuset, which should tell you that the store has had good taste from the beginning. Offering the heritage styles, classic range and everything in between, this is your destination for Le Creuset if you're located in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.


6. Williams-Sonoma

Californian transplant, Williams-Sonoma is a novel place to shop Le Creuset. With a handful of stores sprinkled across the east coast of Australia and a dedicated Australian website, you'll feel like Kirsten Cohen from The O.C.. For those who have read up on the French cookware brand (which we encourage you all to do before you buy to save a disaster like this), Williams-Sonoma allows you to shop the range via colours, so if you've had your eye on a Meringue set for forever, gather all the pieces you want from one section.


7. Harrods

Rabid for Le Creuset collaborations like its Harry Potter-themed range? You've come to the right place. Harrods stocks the range with its lightning-shaped handles and quidditch motifs. And if that's not your bag, the English department store also sells all the classics too.


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