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7 beautiful bedheads we love and where to buy them

7 beautiful bedheads we love and where to buy them

A good night's sleep doesn't stop with your mattress, finding out where to buy beautiful bedheads or bed frame can really make or break a room. Some might opt for a simple box frame to support their sleeping habits, while others dabble in something a bit more fanciful. From solid wood, to upholstered to leather and wire and wicker – there are a plethora of choices in fabric, style and silhouette that are available to suit any aesthetic preferences you may have.

But sourcing the perfect bedhead isn't always easy – so we're here to help you out with some of our favourite options on the market right now. Below, find our list of where to buy bedheads.


1. McMullin and co. x I Love Linen 'Maude' Bedhead

Price: $1,499 – $1,599

Straight off the block is this limited-edition capsule collection bedhead created by McMullin and co. and I Love Linen. Their 'Maude' Bedhead features two fabric options – a mushroom heavy-weave fabric on one side, and I Love Linen's signature 'Creme' linen fabric on the other – so you can move with the seasons, changing your decor with abandon.


2. MCM House 'Joe' Bedhead

Price: $660

MCM House's 'Joe' Bedhead is another great option for the indecisive among us. Upholstered with a brushed linen, it's understated yet bold – and best yet, it has a removable cover for easy washing, drying and changing. Yes, you can buy other covers from the brand to swap out at will.


3. DOMO 'Natalia' Headboard

Price: $620 – $700

DOMO's 'Natalia' headboard is a wood and wicker fairytale come to life, perfect for bringing together tropical and feminine sensibilities in one room. If your bedroom is in need of a focal point, this is a perfect way to draw the eye – no washing of linens needed.


4. RJ Living 'Snug' Bedhead

Price: $1,099

This green bedhead of grand proportions is a statement piece, but also offers comfortable support – upholstered in a beautiful, velvet finish. Available for both queen and king beds, there are an array of colour ways to choose from – and a 10% discount if you spend more than $500 on their site.


5. James Lane 'Fontaine' Bedhead

Price: $399 – $599

For something a little more understated and sophisticated, James Lane's 'Fontaine' bed head, with its piped border and upholstery weight fabric, is a classic touch to any contemporary bedroom space.


6. Merci Maison 'Etienne' Bedhead

Price: $2,300

For something a little more French and whimsical, Merci Maison's 'Etienne' bedhead in this bold sage green and ivory stripe is a perfect statement piece for the bedroom. Taking inspiration from the villas of Tuscany, it's a great way to add a little bit of a European touch to your space.


7. Gaudion Furniture 'Amelie' Striped Wave Bedhead

Price: $1,725.00

Another striped beauty, this time with a kooky wavy silhouette, Gaudion Funiture's 'Amelie' bedhead is a focal point that doesn't feel like an eyesore. Upholstered in an understated and natuical blue and white striped fabric with blue velvet piping, they'll also make it custom for you with your choice of size, fabric and piping detail – straight from their Melbourne fabrication studio.


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