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What is hair cycling? TikTok’s buzziest hair care routine


TikTok is back with another buzzy trend that promises to change your hair forever. After the craze of skin cycling swept us off our feet, we've now swum across the pond to hair cycling. So is this just another of TikTok's trends that will roll off our FYP as quickly as it appeared?

What is Hair Cycling?

It's a routine that makes you get strategic about your hair and scalp to improve your hair heath. TikTok loves a routine and this one has options, depending on what your hair type is. Hair cycling is routine is about using specific shampoos, conditioners and styling products to target the particulars of what your hair needs at the time. The idea is to give your hair and scalp the attention it requires, before giving it a break to let it breathe.


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Your hair cycling routine will look different if you're experiencing oily hair versus frizzy hair concerns. The technique here is to alternate products so you're treating the problem when you identify it. This can also be helpful if you're using the same shampoo and conditioner every time, overcorrecting the same problem, which in turn causes other problems.  Consider what type of hair concerns you have. Do you have coloured your hair, you should be looking to build some moisture and protein back into it. If your concerns are more about your hair being too dry, add in a moisturising shampoo.

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@kelseygriffinnplease sound off in the comments because I want to know if this is a thing and/or makes any sense😂♬ original sound - kelsey griffin

The Routine

Each person will experience very different hair needs. But the usual shtick is to first detox and clarify, for the first wash. The next time you wash it, you will just use  a hydrating sulfate free shampoo and follow up with a nourishing conditiner. The day before the next wash you can use a hair growth serum or a hair/ scalp oil. Leave it on for a few hours and wash it out with your gentle shamoo the next day.

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