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These are the hair trends that are going to dominate in 2023

Every year has a few key hairstyles that define the moment, and 2023 hair trends are going to be no different. This year saw hairstyles running the gamut. I for one found myself changing it up a bit, from attempting to shape my locks into springs '90s supermodel blowout (chaos) to settling into a wolf cut shag situation that requires a lot less effort and doesn't feel like I'm attempting to turn straw into silk.

Changing it up is the name of the game here and that's exactly what we expect to see in 2023. From the accessories to keep us looking cute to the Birkin bangs that made us spend our hard-earned coin on Dyson's and blowout round brushes, here are the looks that are sure to take over in 2023. Go wild, change it up. Worst case scenario, you can buy a hat.

Grown out roots


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A post shared by Chloe Cherry (@perfect_angelgirl)

This look is for the low-maintenance girlies. The perfect bleach job, although cute is a hassle to maintain. Why not take a leaf out of Chloe Cherry's book and show off your natural roots to the world? This no muss no fuss hairstyle will be sure to slay next year.

Expensive Brunette

These shades permeate. There has been a slew of celebs from Hailey Bieber to Emma Chamberlain opting for shades of brunette recently. From 'soft money brunette,' which strategically places highlights around the head to 'dark power,' which neutralizes brassy tones making way for expensive-looking strands. This style is sure to give off an aura of class as it leaves hair looking polished nourished and rich.

Long and strong


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A post shared by Bella (@bellahadid)

Ok, this admittedly isn't for everyone but we see you, extensions and we're not mad.



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A post shared by Monde (@shop.monde)

Shaggy Mullet = Shullet. Aka the wolf cut. This cut, or a version of it has to take the cake for most referenced as of late. Ask anyone who works in the hair game and they'll get the vibe without even needing a reference. This shaggy lived-in trim shies away from the actual mullet but gives off the same cool girl energy. The look works on different hair lengths and textures so the appeal reaches far and wide. We're definitely pegging it as a staple for 2023.

Close and cropped


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A post shared by Kelsey Martinovic (@kelseymartinovic)

This pixie cut works so well on people who like the look of short hair but want to soften it with a feminine edge. It's definitely low maintenance look with a 'just rolled out of bed' feeling.

Coloured Clips


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A post shared by Olivia Rodrigo (@oliviarodrigo)

This Y2K trend of adding anything and everything cute or colourful into your hair is reminiscent of the days of pop icons such as Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears. Today's icons are no different. You'll certainly see us trying this one in 2023.

Slicked Back

The 'clean girl' aesthetic was a major 2022 hit. The slicked-back bun and barely there makeup was a combo sported by every girl on tiktok, and irl. For 2023's take on this classic sleek look, our crystal ball tells us a side part may be the way the wind is blowing.

'90s Blowout


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A post shared by Sydney Sweeney (@sydney_sweeney)

The aforementioned '90s blowout is an obsession that we are still finding hard to kick (and master). Many have trodden this path from the supermodels of the era to TikTokkers of today. Volume, bounce and shine are the keys to perfecting this look. It's a gorgie style if you can get your locks to frame your face as effortlessly as Cher Horowitz in Clueless.

Ornate Accessories


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A post shared by Caroline Polachek (@carolineplz)

Throw it all in for this look. The more the merrier. We're sure to be seeing more and more pieces strewn throughout the hair with casual precision à la Caroline Polachek. This look also gives dark femme energy which we live for, naturally.

Big Curls


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A post shared by Olivia 🧡 (@oliviacalabio)

Natural coils and curls are everywhere. Even without a curly texture, it was hard to ignore the many bouncy curl tutorials while traipsing through Instagram. The big ticket item is the fringe though. Give your look an '80s feel for 2023.

The Mixie


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A post shared by Simi & Haze (@simihaze)

Is it a it a pixie cut... either way it's cute af.

The Knitted Hood


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A post shared by Reese Blutstein (@double3xposure)

The hood, seen on the runways of Miu Miu and The Row has warmed the ears of many at this point in time. Serving as both utilitarian in its warmth and a useful cozy accessory, it's no wonder the hood stayed tight on our ears all year round, we recommend holding onto yours.

Birkin Bangs


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A post shared by Simi & Haze (@simihaze)

An effortless french style introduced by the embodiment of 1960s French flair herself Jane Birkin. We don't care if it's 1923 or 2023, it's one for the ages.

Barely there hair

This one's for the fine hair girlies. If you feel seen, embrace your natural strands in 2023 and let them do their thing.


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