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Hulu series ‘Welcome to Chippendales’ is a tale of money, murder and stripping for the female gaze

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It seems there’s a hot new series to watch every week on one of the plentiful streaming services available, and the latest on Hulu is no exception. In a new eight-episode limited series, Welcome to Chippendales follows the story of founder Somen ‘Steve’ Banerjee (Kumail Nanjiani), from his journey as an Indian-American immigrant to creating the immensely popular male revue show, Chippendales. 

What is the plot of the series?

The series is created by Pam & Tommy’s Robert Siegel, and looks at Banerjee’s life from the beginning of his time in the United States. Initially, he attempts to become rich through several different business ventures, before concocting the idea of a first-of-its-kind male stripper group, targeted towards women. Per Hulu, he will “let nothing stand in his way.”  Since its founding in 1979, the Chippendales evolved into a Broadway-style burlesque show, taking their performances across the world and at their home venue, the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. A cultural phenomenon, it’s exactly as you picture: half-naked, uber-buff men performing dance sequences. It’s and IRL Magic Mike. You can watch the trailer below. 

Who is cast in Welcome to Chippendales?

Alongside Nanjiani, you will find cast in the series Spencer Boldman of 21 Jump Street as Lance McRae, described as the “ultimate specimen” and “hottest” Chippendale. White Lotus’ Murray Bartlett is cast as choreographer Nick De Noia, a charming New Yorker with a sizeable ego to match, responsible for transforming the troupe from a seedy male strip joint to a global phenomenon. There is also a grand supporting cast including Nicola Peltz Beckham, Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens, Yellow Jackets’ Juliette Lewis and New Mexico’s Quentin Pair. 

Is there a release date for Welcome to Chippendales?

Welcome to Chippendales is slated to release on Hulu on November 22nd of this year, so it's time to add the streamer to your growing list of subscriptions – if you haven’t already. 

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Image: YouTube