Weekend plans, natural remedies and Stranger Things: this week’s RUSSH round-up

The who, what, where. Advice from friends (and those in the know), where you'll find us over the weekend and the new season pieces we're coveting. Read just what the RUSSH editors have been sharing this week.

Andréa Tchacos

Features Director

Not so long ago, I wrote about the mental health impacts of hormones – post going off the pill. What I didn’t know then was that in the months to follow my skin would revert to that of an awkward teen. Don’t get me wrong, it still feels like a small price to pay for a sense of inner wellbeing. But given topical treatments have been making exactly zero difference and I’d like the best of both worlds, if I can have them, I’m trying this natural remedy on the recommendation of Ellen and her beauty editor group chat. I’ll keep you posted.

Victoria Pearson

Arts Editor

I watched the Spike Jonze-directed Netflix special, Right Now, from comedian Aziz Ansari. The change in Ansari’s demeanour and the departure from his usual main stage pomp and circumstance was, in a word, strategic – I’m looking at you unassuming faded Metallica tee, lone stool centre stage and grainy VHS-style footage. Calculated, definitely, but I didn’t completely hate it. In fact, there were parts that elicited out-loud laughs (examples of society's pervading obsession with wokeness and the uncomfortably spot-on narration of visiting your parents for the weekend), and I'd love to know what others thought of it too.

Ellen Presbury

Market & Beauty Editor

I’m currently reading A Little Life and have reached the stage of any good book where I’ve sunk into another world. It’s devastating and absorbing and hard to read and horrifying. Beautiful in its depiction of the smallness of life’s details, and tender in its portrayal of friendship, family and love. Some books we never feel we have time for and others we try to read in whatever spare minutes we can carve into a day. This is definitely the latter.

As I won’t stop buying books and refuse to pass them on, I need more shelves to house them. Two rows deep, stacked high and not stopping. So I’m taking inspiration from here.

Footwear is an eternal ‘struggle’ for me, and like I say every year when winter rolls around, I need boots. Currently eyeing off a combat pair, and these are fitting the brief.

Natalie Petrevski

Junior Fashion Editor

I just finished watching Stranger Things Season 3 and BRB still crying. I won’t go into detail and be that annoying person who gives spoilers, but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed the awesome 80s fashion and music as always.

To continue on the carnival theme from the latest season, this weekend I treated myself to Bondi’s annual Winter Magic. This year marks 10 and you can enjoy some dangerous ice-skating (not for me), or do beers and a Ferris wheel ride overlooking Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach like I did. Sunday afternoon sorted.

From top: RUSSH Issue 76, PHOTOGRAPHY Caroline Wood; ZILCH Ache Formula; Aziz Ansari, Right Now; Hanya Yanagihara, A Little Life; @lukebsmayes; ANN DEMEULEMEESTER shoes; Stranger Things; Bondi Winter Magic.