The great indoors – ways to spend your weekend at home

As cities select across Australia enter varying lengths of lockdown - Perth, Peel, Greater Darwin and Sydney I’m looking at you - and others like Queensland only just coming off a 3-day snap lockdown or increasing social distancing restrictions and mask mandates, we're deviating from regular programming. Since estimated one in two Australians is being asked to stay at home.

Instead of our what to do this weekend in Australia weekly guide, this week for many of us it’s time to get reacquainted with our homes and all the possibilities they provide. And while future plans have been scrapped, a small inconvenience in the pecking order of concerns, here are some ways to spend your time at home this weekend, restrictions permitting.

Unless of course you live in Victoria, in which case, get out and enjoy the sunshine or a museum so the rest of us can live vicariously through you.


Pour over a new recipe

Now this may seem like an obvious one. But how many times have you found yourself throwing together lacklustre meals of avocado, rice and whatever-is-in-the-fridge? In the middle of a stressful week it’s easy for this to be our benchmark. But as the weekend rolls around, languid hours over a bubbling stove may just be the nourishment your mind and body needs. And if you’re short on ideas for the cooler weather, we’ve got you covered.


Get your hands dirty!

Paint! Charcoal! Clay! There is something deeply grounding about allowing your hands to wander their way through your medium of choice. If you’re looking for inspiration, or want to experiment with new art forms, Kitty Callaghan takes us through her process of collaging


Immerse yourself in a new book

Maybe it’s the Cancerian in me, but there is something extremely satisfying about having a large chunk of uninterrupted time to invest in reading.  As someone who frequently yearns for days spent in bed with no other task at hand except to finish my book, a weekend indoors is a welcome thing. And with the weekend stretching out before you, there’s no time like the present to dig into that ever-growing list of books to read.


Organise Zoom trivia

While most of us would happily uninstall Zoom from our devices and never discuss it again, I could excuse the app if it meant trivia. Round up your pals over Zoom and curate a list of questions to argue over like the nerds you are. And if, like me, exercise is very low on your to-do list, Zoom trivia is a great way to get your heart rate up. 


Rediscover your wardrobe

This is not a call to action to tidy or clean in any parental capacity. But rather, an opportunity to assess the contents of your wardrobe and honestly, just an excuse to play dress-ups. When lockdown is over, you might emerge from the cocoon of your home with a new-found love for that old sweater, or a line-up of fresh outfits to try.


Recreate a day spa in your own home

Perfect for those in shared living arrangements. Pool your face masks, hand creams and gua sha tools and luxuriate with your friends or family. Apply hair masks through each other's scalps, perform chic manicures and create the ultimate co-spa space. If you’re isolating solo, repeat the above sans people.


Give your home some love

Maybe it’s hanging up the artwork that’s been sitting in the corner of your bedroom gathering dust. Or perhaps it’s cleaning the couch covers or repotting that now-too-big plant. Whatever your flavour of domestic procrastination is, now is the time to tie up loose ends in your home. 


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