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Welcome to Virgo season: here’s your horoscope for 2019

Virgo, you are a genius. You use your beautiful brain to optimise and grow your life beyond human capacity.

Your ability to solve any puzzle and debunk any myth sets you apart from the rest of the pack in every area of your life. You love to live in the black and white areas of life, but this year is going to push you into the grey.

2019 is about long-term commitment and heartfelt comfort. As Saturn, the planet of discipline, moves through your fifth house you will have to get serious in your pursuit of love, joy, and play. When it comes to love, Saturn wants you to get real about who is and who is not going to be sticking around in the long run. When it comes to joy, Saturn wants you to find the bliss in doing the small and productive things in life. And when it comes to play, Saturn wants you to find the purpose behind your creative pursuits. As backwards as it may sound, this year wants you to find the happiness that comes from disciplined examination.

This year is also about coming home to the things that make you feel safe. That make you feel cosy. That make you feel warm. With Jupiter, the planet of good luck, moving through your fourth house it is a year of getting in touch with your definition of family. It is a year of rediscovering your roots and your family history. It is a year of using the past as a tool for shaping your dream home of today. What things did you love in your home as a kid? What food brought you warmth and comfort growing up? What traditions did you practice as a family that you would like to carry on in the future?

Whatever gave you the warm and fuzzies growing up, give yourself more of that this year. Invest in the house or apartment that you have been craving for so long. Create a home environment that feels like a sanctuary and safe-haven outside of the chaotic world around you. Nurture the introvert within you by giving it the environment it always wanted to come home to.

Nadine Head-Gordon is an astrologer at Nadine Jane Astrology.

PHOTOGRAPHY  Kitty Callaghan
ART Jedda-Daisy Culley