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Crystals, for skincare? Here’s everything you need to know about the beauty trend

Crystals were highly revered in ancient times, and today we’re seeing a resurgence in their popularity – a return to what our ancestors knew, respected and gained benefit from.

If you’re keen to use crystals in your skincare rituals there has never been a better time, as more and more artisan skincare makers are incorporating crystals in to their manufacturing process. The choice is yours: enjoy the benefits with products already prepared for you, or adopt a DIY approach.

How to cleanse your crystals
Crystals take on energy, just like we do - so when you get your new-found treasures home, bathe them in salt water. Or even better, take them down to the beach and bathe them in the ocean. Crystals also like to be cleansed and charged during a full moon. To do so, simply lay your crystals on a natural surface under the full moon’s light.

DIY crystal infusion
Create a crystal-infused beauty water by placing your cleansed and energised crystal (see below) in a glass bottle of purified spring water. Place in the sun for one full day. Transfer the crystal-infused water to a small glass bottle with spritzer cap and use when cleansing your face.

"Crystals take on energy, just like we do - so when you get your new-found treasures home, bathe them in salt water."

Skincare containing crystals
We’re spoilt for choice these days when it comes to the range of brands that are using crystal energies in their beauty elixirs. Numerous natural brands place crystals in their labs to energise the production process and products. Artisan makers are also adding crystal infused water to their products, or placing a little cluster of crystals within the face mist bottle, to further energise the product.

If you’re looking to buy crystal-infused products, AEOS energised organics are the one brand that I have come across that works with an alchemist who takes up to 12 months to transform the actual solid crystal rocks into a liquid tincture that is then added to each product so that the ‘crystal’ can be absorbed by the skin, and in to the bloodstream for assimilation. Adding crushed crystals is not the same, as the fine grains would simply sit on top of the skin. What the lab has found over years of honouring this alchemical process, that the likes of Hippocrates used to adhere to, is that the liquid crystal tinctures (whilst having an effect on the emotional mind) also have an effect on the skin.

The skincare benefits of liquid crystal tinctures in AEOS products are as follows:
- Emerald provides anti-ageing benefits.
- Rose quartz helps to reduce redness.
- Amethyst helps to improve moisture retention.
- Turquoise helps to activate water balance and is particularly beneficial for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.
- Quartz has a cleansing and detoxifying effect on the skin.
- Opal supports the formation of red blood cells.
- Blue Chalcedony has a moisturising effect on the skin that helps with regenerating dehydrated and congested skin.

Samantha Sargent is a natural skincare expert and distributor of AEOS.