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Seeking flow? Craving results? Get the lowdown on MPower Pilates

Hannah Holman @ IMG wears RUNNING BARE bra and tights.

MPower Pilates instructor Peta Green’s weekly schedule is jam packed with exercise - when she’s not teaching you'll find her running, skiing, paddling, cross training or practicing deep Ashtanga Yoga. It's a multi-focused workout approach that also defines her practice, blending Pilates with yoga poses and functional exercises, so that her clients receive a more holistic body workout. Here, Green breaks down for RUSSH the benefits of Pilates and why commitment and consistency are the keys for achieving (and maintaining) results.

As a Pilates teacher I’m always asked when will I see the results? When will my butt be pert? As with any exercise, to really get the most out of it and see the benefits you will need to try and do it at least three times a week. You’re not going to get to the finish line of City to Surf doing one walk a week. 

Pilates is an intelligent way of exercising your body. It’s not all about reps, it's more about quality of movement and mind-body connection. When you first start Pilates it can be quite confusing, body parts moving everywhere! How do you focus on the core when your arm is moving one way and the leg the other? Practice. When you make the conscious effort and decide that you’ll make pilates a part of you exercise routine at least three times a week, I guarantee you’ll see and feel the difference.

Recently we had a 30-day challenge for the month of June where people could come in to the class every day. We did a pre-challenge test where we got the participants to do four Pilates exercises which demonstrate strength, flexibility and control. During the challenge our little Bondi studio had the best vibe - people were getting into the flow of their Pilates practice and also getting to know the other people as well, which was fun. Seeing the progress throughout the challenge was exciting to see. People who were struggling to feel their core at the beginning were now finding that their body was moving differently with more strength and control.   

After the month was up, we did a post challenge test which really showed us and the client how much they had changed by putting in the extra effort. We are very proud to say that a lot of the challengers have stayed on and continued their Pilates journey and finding their flow. We will be doing another challenge in October to get those summer bodies ready, so make sure you email us if you’re keen to come along. 

In my experience with a lot of different exercise over the years - running, yoga, boot camp style training, kayaking and personal training, I always find myself coming back to my Pilates practice and know that my body feels at its best.