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Beauty muse Zoë Kravitz to release a makeup collection for YSL

She’s fronted Saint Laurent campaigns more than once and now the model and actor releases her first makeup collection with YSL. The capsule of lipsticks, (think perfect nudes and blood reds) all come with her personal touch - colours are named after her brother Wolf, her dog Scout and the nickname given to her by her mother, Lale.

On the collaboration Kravitz explains, “I’ve been working with YSL Beauté for a while now, and I really wanted to get more involved and more creative. This collection is for anyone who wants to be playful; anyone who wants to express themselves.”

The case for a red lip is easy to make. “Reds are always sexy. Reds can kind of class everything up. Reds are great for night-time. You can almost have no other makeup on, but a red,” Kravtiz tells. She’s a girl after our own heart.

Ahead of the launch, Kravitz shares her favourite lipstick, the lessons she's learnt from her mother and just what it takes to dare.

The collection will be released on October 1 exclusively to YSL Beauty

Why do you wear lipstick?
Lipstick is such a playful thing, and I think it often gives me a sense of confidence. I think if I’m not feeling flirty or sexy, I can put on some red lipstick and all of a sudden, I feel like a different person. Lipstick by itself is very sexy. I think a very, very simple face with one very bright colour, one place to focus your attention on, is really beautiful.

What is your first memory about lipstick?
My mom doesn’t wear a lot of lipstick so perhaps my first memory might have even been my grandmother, my father’s mother. She used to wear a lot of red lipstick. She was a very classy lady.

[What is] one piece of beauty advice your mother taught you?
My mother always taught me that beauty really does start with health. And so, she always told me how important it was to take care of our skin, take care of our body, to eat well and drink enough water. To this I would add: get enough sleep because I really do believe that makeup is made to enhance your features and the things you love about yourself, not to cover yourself up.

Do you have any beauty tips or makeup tricks?
I love something you can use in multiple ways. I love a lipstick you can also use for your cheeks, or a lip gloss you can also use as a highlighter. It’s very good for when you’re on the go.

Do you change lipstick colours within a day? Why?
I might change my lipstick colour in a day, if I’m going out at night. And maybe if I’m wearing a nude in the daytime, and then all of a sudden, I have to rush off to a dinner or dancing I’d probably put on a red lip.

The one YSL product you can’t be without ... 
I love Touche Éclat. It is always in my purse, and also the Couture Brow, which is a must for me.

Why do you wear lipstick?
The lipsticks are for whoever wants to wear it, whatever gender you identify as. And I hope that these shades just help you bring out yourself. I hope they inspire you. I hope they make you feel sexy and flirty ... however it is you wanna feel. I hope these just help amplify who you are. The collection is for anyone who wants to be themselves, anyone who wants to be playful, wants to be a chameleon, anyone who wants to express themselves. You can use the makeup however you want as long as it makes you feel great about yourself!

What gives you strength to dare today?
Strength to dare ... I guess my friends and family. Just being supported by wonderful people and knowing that they have my back, and they love me no matter what. You know, when you feel supported in that way, it gives you space to experiment and take chances.