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About last night: Vicki Lee presents . [period]

Vicki Lee . [period] exhibition

What does it take to end something, without a clear new beginning in sight? Courage, for one. Something artist Vicki Lee has beyond average measure. Last night she gave us a glimpse of what that looks like in motion with a powerful introduction to her new exhibition, . [period].

The show streamed live from her eponymous gallery, as Lee put on her painter's shirt and with intrepid strokes painted stark white over a work breathing colour. Pianist Van-Anh Nguyen - playing Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi - intensified the emotion.

The reality of our times meant that . [period] opened to a long distance audience. But viewers at home looked on with negronis and martinis by Bottl(ed) via DRNKS, and scents by Subtle Bodies and Mecca Cosmetica to set the mood, as brushstrokes and keys built to an inevitable conclusion. The white paint represented a full stop: [period].

When it was all over, the moment echoed, as all endings do, with white noise in place of colour and sound.

The show signals a return to Lee's early years as an artist - when she routinely painted over her works, keeping them private.

"I’ve gotten back to that place and I have a desire to share that with people," says Lee.

"Some of the works in this show are in the previous form so I can show the progression, the layers … So I’ve started extremely deconstructed and then, say, ten more layers on, and then crescendo. And then full stop which is the white.

"It’s to illustrate the beauty of having something and knowing that nothing is infinite, really. And I think that that’s a beautiful thing.

"... I don’t think there can be liberation without sadness."

If you're yet to experience . [period] for yourself, you still can. We'd recommend it. It's the kind of beauty that doesn't come along every day.

Then watch Lee's conversation on . [period] with contributing editor Anna Harrison below - presented by RUSSH.

To enquire about works, contact [email protected]