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Corsets take over at the Versace Women’s Fall Winter 2022 show

Versace Women's Fall Winter 2022

Concealed, revealed, empowered. These are the three pillars that underpinned the Versace Women's Fall Winter 2022 show. And while these motifs have always permeated through the brand since its inception in 1978, this season's Versace woman felt excitingly renewed.

It's an energy that is never shy or retiring – you can spot the powerful and seductive sense of mystery from a mile away. But with the opening look, a swaggering black pant suit oozing with unapologetic certainty, Donatella signalled the next chapter in what she has previously heralded 'Versace 2.o'.

The foundations of the regal rebel? The Atelier's unmistakable bustier plays a defining role in the Versace Women's Fall Winter 2022 collection; tapping into the iconic sculptural silhouette synonymous with the brand through pared back, modernised detailing. Silhouettes were seductive and fully empowered as the bustier was revealed under open suiting, embedded within the structure of a timeless black blazer or momentarily glimpsed beneath exaggerated overcoats.

Deep red, plum, charcoal, and black, with flashes of avocado, pink and DV blue served as a continuation of the House's signature colour palette; serving as the perfect base for contrasting textures to flourish. Outerwear featuring the La Greca motif in close-shaved sheepskin is teamed with tantalising latex tops and leggings, and a new knit bomber jacket shape cocoons the wearer.

And while the clothing spoke volumes on its own, the brand's casting choices for Fall Winter 2o22 told its own story.

“Our cast of Versace Women for Fall-Winter 2022 is exciting. Girls like Avanti, Anyier and Tilly perfectly represent a Versace with new generation attitude and they champion diversity. They embody the energy running through the collection and the looks built on contrast and tension—like an elastic band pulled tight and about to snap-back with a build-up of energy. That feeling is just irresistible to me. It opens new possibilities and makes things happen," shared Donatella in a press release.

Watch the Versace Women's Fall Winter 2022 show, below.

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