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It’s not blonde, it’s Vanilla Almond Butter — the new hair colour blowing up on TikTok

I may still be frazzled after attempting to secure Harry Styles tickets, so forgive me if I'm mistaken, but did we not declare a red hair renaissance just one month ago? More to the point, I thought TikTok had decided that blonde hair was cheugy? These kids sure do move fast. Because if I'm reading the writing on the wall (read: the algorithm) correctly, then it appears that a new hair colour is about to wash over us. For all the blondes in the room, I've got three words for you: vanilla almond butter.

Yes, it might read like a menu and present itself as a toasty dessert, but we promise we're still talking within the realm of hair. Coined by hair colourist Chrissy Rasmussen, who has garnered more than 2.3 million followers on TikTok, the shade straddles both cool and warm tones with icy and honeyed flecks throughout. The roots are nutty while the ends are the colour of vanilla ice cream. It's a take on blonde that makes you want to stick a dessert spoon in and lap it up.

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While the name can be polarising, critics have pointed out that it's just another shade of blonde, we cannot deny that the hue is doing the rounds recently. Before she went an icy, elven blonde no doubt for work, Gigi Hadid was giving vanilla almond butter. Meanwhile, our Scandinavian pals have been touting the hue for some time. You only need look to Matilda Djerf to observe it.

@hairby_chrissy #hairby_chrissy #habithairx #hairextensions #hairextensioneducation @matsallen1 #habitsalonaz ♬ as it was x cruel summer x deja vu - matty james

So call up your colourist and tell them the news! Vanilla almond butter, you heard it here first.

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