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Blonde ambition – Here’s how to look after your blonde hair colour

Camille Rowe

Looking after coloured hair is a challenge at the best of times, but as the seasons change, it can be even tougher. Especially if you've chosen to go blonde.

Dyed blonde hair has it's own set of difficulties and challenges, but if you get it right, the rewards are worth it. To help guide you on your hair care journey, we spoke to Kim Haberley, founder and owner of Boho Blonde. A hair stylist and colour expert, Kim knows what it takes to keep your colour fresh and balanced.

Here, we have her advice and tips on how to keep your blonde locks fresh all year round.


Is looking after blonde-coloured hair more difficult than other colours?

If you’re a smart blonde, you understand keeping your hair healthy and bright is somewhat of a commitment. Your everyday products will affect the integrity of the hair, especially during a lightening session where the bleach can cause chemical reactions with residual product that has built-up in the hair shaft. Using salon quality products should be a necessity for anyone (especially our blondies), and although it might be a little more expensive than drugstore products – you can’t put a price on being your best blonde!


Is there anything in particular that blondes should be doing to extend the life of their colour?

1. Salon quality hair care

2. Tone ONLY when feeling brassy

3. Don’t wet your hair in pools

4. Don’t use hair oils that have an orange tint

5. Don’t overuse hot tools


Should haircare change from season to season?

Just like trading your winter coats for a bikini, you should also swap out your hair care with the changing seasons.

In winter, the cold and dry air can be drying on the hair. I recommend extra-moisturising hair care and frequent treatments, with ingredients such as argan oil, to keep your hair nourished and prevent breakage in the colder months.

On the flip side, warm and humid weather will see your hair shafts absorb the air’s moisture, leading to what we call FRIZZ (this can also lead to a moist warm breeding bacteria on the scalp). The best course of action is to use products that contain high repair ingredients to stop the air’s moisture seeping in. I would also recommend a deep cleansing shampoo to clean your scalp thoroughly! For all the babes that love going to the beach in summer, it’s best to add a heat-protectant product to your daily routine to protect the hair shafts from UV rays.


What's the one thing you wish more people knew about dyed blonde hair?

That it’s high maintenance and a big commitment! Your blonde crush not only has an amazing colourist but follows up with a hair care routine to maintain beautiful, healthy blonde hair.


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