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Luxury fashion House Valentino is launching its first-ever makeup line

Valentino makeup launch

When luxury fashion House Maison Valentino sent its spring summer 21 Haute Couture collection down the runway earlier this year; the brand's beauty notes were just as lust-worthy as its pieces. Who could forget those glistening gold faces? Despite being one of the few luxury brands without its own beauty line; Valentino maintained its place as a key beauty-runway reference, creating eye-catching looks with the help of makeup extraordinaire, Pat McGrath. Now, Valentino is taking its beauty presence one step further, announcing the upcoming launch of its first-ever makeup line.

The Valentino makeup line will launch worldwide in August of this year, and from the details we know so far, it seems like the brand has ticked all the right boxes. The range will launch as a complete line from the beginning; featuring a total of 40 foundation shades, 50 lipsticks and what is sure to be an impressive offering of "experimental" eye products. The lipstick and eyeshadow palettes will be created in refillable and customisable cases, to promote a 'mix and match' approach.

In the official announcement, Valentino shared; "Beauty is democratic. I look at the identity of each individual, the uniqueness that encloses diversity and inclusivity. Beauty is about grace. Grace is something that you cannot describe, it is a perception. Beauty is something that gives me emotion. It is a connection."

"Valentino Beauty is human beauty, a couture makeup open to all genders, ages, and cultures."

Rather than launching the collection with just one muse, Valentino has confirmed that we will 16 diverse faces and representations of the brand's makeup line. With such an expansive colour offering and a clear focus on equal representation, it's clear that Valentino has made inclusivity central to the makeup launch.

For Valentino, glamour has always been king and the new makeup line is sure to be no exception. Stay tuned for more details to come.


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