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Valentino reimagines fashion campaigns with Chapter 2, The Painters


Zhang Zihao, Photo by Hogan


When it comes to finding new and innovative ways to connect, creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli and the team at Maison Valentino certainly seem to have it covered. Following on from Valentino's endearing text-only no-image campaign, Maison Valentino leaves the world of literacy and enters the world of art for its next installment in creative advertising with Chapter 2, The Painters.



Alexis Ralaivao, Photo by Laurent Grivet


Once again Pierpaolo Piccioli look to Valentino and its most immediate creative community, this time working with five carefully selected international painters including UK Louise Giovanelli, France's Alexis Ralaivao, Chinese painter Zhang Zihao, Korean artist Nahum Kim and Japan's Iori Nagashima. Similarly to Valentino's previous text-only campaign, the Maison offer the artists full creative freedom and liberty to interpret the Maison through their individual artistic lens, each of the artists creating a piece of work to their desire centering around a piece of Valentino Garavani accessory.



Louise Giovanelli, Photo by Michael Pollard @michaelpollardphotography


Experimenting with new modes of delivery and intimacy in campaigning, this time Pierpaolo Piccioli and Valentino have opened up new communication channels through the language of art, reevaluating the traditional constructs of our established communication channels in fashion and brand advertising. From the hyper realistic painting of the Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Top Handle by artist Louise Giovanelli to the surrealist interpretive work by Nahum Kim, through art, Valentino encourages the viewer to shape their own feelings and beliefs around the Italian Maison.



Nahum Kim, Photo by Valentino


Continuing its exploration of different mediums in communication and toying around diversity, Valentino have already made its cultural mark through the way of card games, literacy and more recently in its collaboration between REDValentino and London's Central Saint Martins. Each piece of work and each Valentino campaign is a new testament in the future of fashion and advertising, making sure to profile the different voices, opinions and liberties throughout the fashion industry.



Iori Nagashima, Photo by Naoto Kobayashi @naotokobayashii


Through its refreshing take on fashion advertising, Valentino are setting new precedents for the future and more information on Valentino and Chapter 2, The Painters is available on and throughout all official Valentino social channels.


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