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Thinking about investing in a diffuser? Take this guide on how to use the tool on curly hair

In Partnership with Hairhouse

As staunch observers of the changing tides of hair trends, the team at RUSSH were immediately onboard when we caught wind that the curl had been revived. What a breath of fresh air, we say. After all, it wasn't too long ago when we were all straightening the life out of our tresses - breakage be damned - before pleading with local hairstylists at Hairhouse to revive our crispy, split ends. So as we shift toward the natural and turn away from arcane notions of beauty, we're here to encourage you to be your springy, vibrant and bouncy selves. Starting with your hair first.

Here we investigate an essential tool in any curly hair routine - the diffuser. For those among us who are not yet acquainted with this life-altering device, we're here to unpack it for you; from prepping your hair to finding the right one.

Below, we spoke with Hairhouse, the Australian experts in all things hair care and styling for over 20 years. Considering that Hairhouse have seen us through our worst hair days in their numerous salon-meets-store outposts, and that they're Australia's largest employer of hairdressers, we're confident in their opinion on the products and techniques to employ when introducing a diffuser into your hair regimen.


1. Why is a diffuser well-suited to curly hair?

If you're considering integrating a diffuser into your routine, there are a few things Hairhouse want you to know first. First of all, a diffuser is a neat little attachment for the opening of your hairdryer. For people with waves and curls, it's the difference between having limp, undefined curls and glossy, bouncier coils. How? Well, a hair diffuser indirectly and evenly disperses air around your locks. This means textured hair is dried from within and around each wave, instead of being bombarded with air from one angle - which would otherwise dehydrate and damage your hair. It eliminates fly-aways, de-tangles and is a step further than simply allowing your mane to air-dry.


2. Here's how to prep your hair for a diffuser

As is the case with all of our hair ambitions, it all starts with shampoo and conditioner. Catering what products you use to your hair texture is the easiest way to protect and nourish your mane before you style it. Hairhouse recommend Biolage Smoothproof shampoo and conditioner as an everyday workhorse. Both of which guard against humidity and frizz - the two enemies of curly haired folk everywhere.

If you find that you're not reaching for your diffuser everyday, or that your hair could do with some extra TLC, Hairhouse suggest applying the Liquid Rollers Curl Balm from Evo. It offers a light hold and enhances your natural shape without weighing your locks down with heavy product. In terms of wielding your diffuser, apply it close to the roots and steer clear of mid-lengths and ends so as to give them a much-deserved break.
Looking for that extra shine? Give Davroe's Curlicue Hydrating Hair Oil a whirl. It's easily absorbed, lightweight and ultra-moisturising, a recipe that's perfect for crispy, wilted ends. When it comes to a reliable styling product, Make Curly Cream is 100% vegan, Australian-made and can be applied both before and after heat-styling for defined, shapely curls.

3. How do you pick the right diffuser?

When looking for the right diffuser, naturally everyone has different preferences. But a helpful rule of thumb is to choose a product that is compact design-wise and promises a fast-drying time. There are also some designs that include tines, like this GHD diffuser, which are in place to separate and lift curls, deeply distribute airflow and cut down on drying time - so keep an eye out for these.

Hairhouse stand by the Elchim Cocoon Dryer Diffuser which is designed and manufactured in Milan and truly delivers as far as shine and definition is concerned. Otherwise, if you're searching for the whole package - dryer, diffuser and all - Hairhouse recommend giving Halo's The Jennifer 3900 Dryer a go. Named after, we can only assume to be Jennifer Aniston, it's a gentle option with three temperature controls and reduces drying time by up to 30% when compared to other dryers in the field.

4. A note on diffusers

Ultimately, we all want the smoothest curls. Hairhouse advise that to reach this goal you should wash your hair in the evening, comb out any knots then plait your hair. In the morning, unravel the plaits and gently scrunch your hair from the bottom while aiming the diffuser at the mid-lengths downward to encourage silky smoothness. Then, instead of brushing your hair with a comb, run your fingers through your hair to release your curls. Voila!

For more in the way of caring for your curls, head on over to Hairhouse where you'll find everything you need to nourish your springy locks.

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