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A tomato as a clutch? A pigeon as a handbag? Here are our favourite unique handbags

Jonathan Anderson, the reigning king of fashion, at Loewe, has done it again. This time, he's thrown a juicy heirloom tomato right into the lap of luxury, crafting a clutch that's more than just an accessory – it's a conversation starter, a meme made manifest.

Inspired by a viral photo of a tomato that was remarked to have an uncanny Loewe resemblance, Anderson's tomato clutch isn't just a playful wink. It's a testament to his ability to tap into the digital zeitgeist and translate fleeting internet moments into covetable pieces of art. It's quite the bold statement, a sculptural masterpiece for your arm.

But the tomato isn't just grabbing headlines. It's a symbol of the ongoing love affair between fashion and art. Think beyond the typical boxy bags. Handbags are morphing into wearable sculptures, with geometric shapes, organic curves and food-inspired unique handbags are taking centre stage. We crave individuality, a chance to express ourselves through what we wear. And this audacious tomato? It's the perfect indulgence, a way to inject a touch of whimsy and artistic expression into your everyday life.

This assembly between fashion and art isn't just a passing trend. It's a growing appreciation for the artistic merit of fashion design. Garments are becoming wearable sculptures, runway shows transforming into performance art. Embracing the unexpected, isn't just pushing boundaries; it's opening doors. Fostering a more dynamic dialogue between these two disciplines, creating a richer, fun and more vibrant experience for both designers and the fashion-forward set. So, if you're looking to add a handbag to your collection that is out of the ordinary, we have got the roundup for you.

Below, we have curated 18 of our favourite unique handbags that are too delicious to miss, and are a perfect piece of arm candy.



1. LOEWE Tomato Clutch

2. JW ANDERSON Pigeon Clutch 

3. STAUD Tommy Beaded bag

4. COPERNI Glass Mini swipe

5. ANYA BRAND Pringles Mini Bucket bag

6. DAUPHINETTE Shearling Sock bag

7. MOSCHINO Mirror Crossbody bag

8. JACQUEMUS 'Le Bisou Perle' Bag

9. CHANEL Mini Embroidered Flapbag

10. GANNI Bou Bag

11. BALENCIAGA Trash bag

12. THOM BROWNE Hector Check-Pattern Zipped Handbag

13.JACQUEMUS Le Chiquito Mini Leather Bag in Black

14. RABANNE Micro 1969 Shoulder bag

15.SIMONE ROCHA Fabergé Egg Mini crossbody bag

16. LOUIS VUITTON NIB Paint Can Monogram Purple

17. JUDITH LEIBER French Fries hot bag

18. LONGCHAMP Épure s Crossbody Bag

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