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Jacquemus and Jennie welcome you into ‘La Casa’ for its 15th anniversary show in Capri

Jacquemus and Jennie welcome you into 'La Casa' for its 15th anniversary show in Capri

It was a sun-drenched affair by Simon Porte Jacquemus – and we can't say we're surprised. The weather has always been on his side, and so have his efforts in pulling off a 15th-anniversary runway show in the blistering heat of Capri. Atop of a cliff-necked hillside in a villa the shade of dusk, Jacquemus has tapped into the French way: showing, not telling. In case you missed the affair, we've accumulated a steady trickle of everything not to miss – including a sweeping finish from one mademoiselle Jennie Kim.


The collection...

Simon Porte Jacquemus sounded his own bell. A day before the festivities, he took to Instagram to say: “24 hours before the show…15 years of Jacquemus" alongside a preview at some of the pieces from the collection including a Capri blue dress, billowing in an open window. Other pieces from the collection teased with form and movement in the same fashion, headscarves fastened taut, eyelet capes and starched, protruding collars all summon the ambivalence of summer-wear. Go as slinky as you want without losing the structure. The tonalities swerved between pastel, ice-cream shades to natural tans and blacks. The essence of the Jacquemus showing mediated a joyous injection of colour with its razor-edge sensibilities. Clothes for summer, but also apropos for any meeting that might take place on a balcony. And to that, we toast.


The locale...


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The Jacquemus 15th anniversary show exactly where the sky kissed the seas. Casa Malaparte is the fabled outset where Jacquemus transported his guests. The location takes its loric roots from late director Jean-Luc Godard when he shot 1963 classic Contempt at the very same villa. The French fashion designer mentioned that securing the location for his Cruise collection was “a dream come true”.  One needs not to squint to imagine Brigitte Bardot lounging in the sun-decks, or  making her way up the same brick-red staircase.


The guests...


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What's a Jacquemus show without a cherry-picked cast of constituents filling its seats? Julia Roberts, Aron Piper, and Tina Kunakey, and Dua Lipa were amongst the selected. Gigi Hadid and Kristin Davies also posed under the squared-off balustrade that led to the show.

Other friends of the fashion house like Amine and Daniel Caesar also dipped in for the sun-streaked occasion.


The star closer of the show...


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When Korean pop-star Jennie Kim was not perched in the Jacquemus front row, viewers took it as a good omen – Jennie Ruby Jane would indeed be making her runway debut as the finishing act of the House's Cruise 2025 show. All suspicions were laid to rest when the singer materialised in all-black, one hand cradling an electric-turquoise bag. Here comes the Jacquemus bride, all-dressed in black.


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Feature images via Jacquemus Instagram.