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Gigi Hadid on her relationship with Steven Meisel, her process, and what’s inside her Miu Miu Arcadie bag

Gigi Hadid Miu Miu

Miuccia Prada has a habit of collecting the world's coolest it-girls and immediately bringing them into the Miuccia-verse that is Miu Miu. Her knack for spotting the next face of each campaign or show cast is unparalleled, and to celebrate the brands newest iteration of the Arcadie bag, Miu Miu has tapped Gigi Hadid as their face.

Lensed by Steven Meisel, the renowned photographer captures both Gigi's spirit as an infamous it-girl, and "it" qualities of the Matelassé style Arcadie bag. Based on the interpretation of artist Margaret Keane’s portraits, Meisel's images of Hadid convey a similar arresting quality, capturing Hadid wide eyed and softly clutching the Arcadie.

Below, in an exclusive interview, Hadid touches on her relationship with Meisel, her process as a model, and what is in her Arcadie bag.

Gigi Hadid Miu Miu

How would you describe the experience of working with Steven Meisel for the Arcadie bag campaign? How would you describe the relationship between model and fashion photographer?

Any time spent in front of Steven’s lens is an honour, but shooting this campaign and celebrating a new partnership with Miu Miu was special. I was so excited about this concept and especially enjoyed this set design by Mary Howard — she and Steven always make magic together, and the set being based on paintings made it SO Miuccia! It was fun to walk onto a set that made me feel small and take on this character.

Steven has taught me so much about being a model and he’s given me a lot of confidence in my instincts while shooting. I respect him a lot because he knows exactly what he wants. He’s efficient, gentle spirited, and effortlessly funny! Every working relationship with a photographer is different, it’s like dancing with either works or you don’t find your rhythm. I love dancing with Steven!


What does fashion mean to you and what part does it play in your life?

Fashion inspires me through its more creative sides: the campaigns, editorials, shows, set design, creative direction... in my day-to-day life I have a wardrobe of staples mostly, but I love expressing myself through accessories, bags, shoes, eyewear, and of course have fun with runway looks and custom pieces for special moments.


How do you approach your work as a model? What is your working process?

I would say I take my job from a very professional and creative perspective. I’m there to get the job done, to sell the product. But you have to understand the story you are there to tell as well. What I enjoy most is the friendships I have made from spending time on set. I love watching everyone, and taking in their different crafts. I think a good model needs to understand everything that’s going on around them, too.

How far do you play yourself in fashion editorials and/or campaigns and how far is it someone else?

It depends on the day, and the creative direction I am given...sometimes they very clearly want 'Gigi', and sometimes I play a character. If I can find myself in a character, I will play into that, but if not, my mind goes to whatever the story inspires.

How do you maintain the balance between fame and privacy?

It takes time, and you learn from trial and error, but I think becoming a mom has really helped me to prioritise the balance of being home at my farmhouse and fully focused on my time with my daughter, and making sure my time to work consists of jobs and experiences that are fulfilling for me.


What do you like about carrying the Miu Miu bags in the campaign?

I love these bags and carry my own often, my favorite is the pink one! Shooting this new campaign, I had my eye on the sand beige and white ones, I feel like I could wear them with so many things. I love how it’s a seemingly simple bag from afar but has so much detail and character, it comes in so many colors, and of course the quality is exceptional; I feel like everyone can find a way to express themselves through these Miu Miu bags.

What’s inside yours?

For a night out or quick walk to lunch I travel pretty light: wallet, lip liner, lipstick and/or moisturiser, sunglasses, phone...sometimes a camera.


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