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Jonathan Anderson’s artistry on structure and the aristocrat in LOEWE Fall/Winter 2024

Once a residence for French royalty in the 14th and 16th centuries, Le Château de Vincennes has transformed into a regular venue for the fashion shows of the recently acclaimed King of Fashion, Jonathan Anderson. Talk about the expression 'fit for a king'. The walls and halls that once housed French royalty now bear witness to the haunting legacy of the LOEWE Fall/ Winter 2024 collection, unveiled within the fortress. The faded sensation left behind is a testament to Anderson's enduring influence on both the fashion narrative and history as we know it. Guided by the beat of his own drum, Artistic Director Jonathan Anderson should also rightfully embrace the loose title of Art Curator. The fixation on motifs or singular aesthetics is skilfully woven in the fabrics, transforming each garment into a standalone artwork, narrating its own story.

Within this collection, everything and nothing coexist. The fine line between objects and fashion becomes a canvas for Anderson's brilliant wit, a realm where he thrives and capitalises on ingenuity. The moving feast Anderson prepares for us becomes an aspirational experience, by breaking down and reinventing familiar concepts through the medium of fashion.

As spectators, we recognise the familiar yet experience the twist. Anderson's ability to bring beauty through a different viewing, an eye through an eye through another eye, provides an outside perspective of a reimagined world.


LOEWE Celebrity Attendance

The Loewe shows are always a delightful surprise in what's to come; their location, guest attendance and Anderson's muse for the season, an experience that we all would love to experience in person.

Shawn Mendes, Sophie Wilde, Meg Ryan, Catherine O'Hara, Ambika Mod, Alison Oliver, Brie Larson, Ruth Negga, Emily Ratajkowski, Pharrell Williams and Emilia Clarke were all front row at the show. Unfortunately, no Loewe Ambassador Taylor Russell to be seen this season.


LOEWE Fall/ Winter 2024

Entering the fortress the guests are confronted by a curation of Albert York's paintings. Modestly sized idyllic paintings of floral still life and landscapes, small and intense at perception, it was a visual taste of what was to come.

Jonathan Anderson is all about silhouettes, one of his childhood interests that sparked his creative ingenuity towards fashion. Each show has been a play on silhouettes; obscure, cinched, voluminous or structured – name it and Anderson's probably done it.

The first three looks were the same dress in the colours dark blue, mint green and white covered in the pattern of multicoloured roses in a bouquet. Cinched at the waist with an oversized black belt with gold hardware, with  the excess leather of the belt hanging relaxed. A juxtaposing play on hard and soft, feminine silhouettes with hardware controlling it. Starting very strong, a personal favourite was look eight – a navy dark blazer with two almost floor length tails falling down the sides of the legs, rather than behind them, with parachute pants with radish's depicted on them. So unserious, yet so genius that it worked, almost emotional how each piece was a work of art.

True to Anderson's style, there were reoccurring motifs, flora and fauna, ranging from full blatant beaded depictions of a dog to radishes and asparagus's for bags, and on dresses. Illusions were at the forefront of Anderson's mind as he explains the pin stripes and imagery created through beading looked almost like caviar, played were the ideas of structure and wealth.

Anderson's ability to elevate and innovate at Loewe is one to be studied and impressed upon, that to be timeless and artistic at the same time, it's the perfect balance that has truly gained Anderson's title as the King of Fashion.




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