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Attention lazy queens! Here’s how you can win a $100 Uber ride or meal

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Shoutout to all my lazy queens, this is your moment. As we approach the end of the financial year, Uber has announced a whole host of giveaways, discounts and ways to save on food and transport across June. Which is exactly the sort of thing you'll want in your arsenal for the days when you're hungry, but determined to rot in bed. Or the mornings when you're running so late, you would sacrifice a day in the future for an extra fifteen minutes. So what deals are on offer? And who can claim them? All the information you need, below.

Savings for Uber One members

With millions of dollars to splash out across June, Uber has allocated a large portion of this budget to existing Uber One members. On top of the usual benefits like free delivery, members can save up to $200 on food and groceries throughout the month, with a slew of local restaurants across Australia offering deals paid for on Uber's dime.

Uber One members will also have the chance to save on rides. Whether that's $15 off on any pre-booked rides or a 20% discount available for Uber Pool and Uber Comfort trips.

How to win a $100 Uber credit

If you haven't signed up for an Uber One membership, the team has set aside a cool $1 million for new members. This means that the first ten thousand people to enrol into the membership program can win a $100 credit.

All you need to do is type the code BEEFYEOFY into the promotional section of the Uber app upon signing up, and you can use the credit for a single transaction.

Uber EOFY Prizes

To really take the EOFY celebrations to the next level, Uber has also announced a series of prizes including the chance to win a whole year's worth of groceries, which would make a significant different in the cost of living crisis. There will also be opportunities to win instant prizes in the form of $5 to $100 off future grocery orders. So there's that too.

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