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The ‘RUSSH’ editors share their favourite Uber Eats restaurants for the holiday season

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If there's one thing that we can't escape this time of year, it is of course, the lack of time to do anything on our to-do lists! Between pre-holiday catchups, the looming presence of Christmas gift procuring and all the promises you made to yourself about the admin tasks you would definitely get done before the year came to an end, our focus (or rather energy) for the day-to-day is slowly slipping away. And rightly so, which is why we're welcoming any and all assistance where we can – namely, when it comes to deciding what to have for dinner on those nights that you simply can't make it to the supermarket or bare the thought of cooking. So, when RUSSH's Arts & Culture Editor Jasmine Pirovic exclaimed that she was abandoning grocery shopping for the next week and putting her trust in the variety of restaurants available on Uber Eats, I figured there was no better time than now to heed her advice.

Turns out, I was the one late to the party, and the RUSSH editors were already brimming with suggestions of their favourite restaurants that are conveniently available to order on Uber Eats from all around Sydney. What I thankfully wasn't behind on, are the benefits of upgrading to an Uber One membership, not only offers a $0 delivery fee from hundreds of restaurants, but also gives me access to special savings and perks. From fine dining at home, to faithful classics that will never disappoint (and can cater to an army of gift wrappers or friends and family home for the holidays), without further adieu, these are the RUSSH editor's favourite restaurants to order from on Uber Eats.

Lotus Barangaroo


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Just because you might be in a rush, it doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a boujee meal at home (or at your desk) this holiday period. While we love making a trip to Barangaroo during the summer to enjoy a meal at Lotus, it's great to know that you can order all of the restaurant's signature dishes straight to your doorstep. Not only is this great when you feel like a mid-week fancy meal, but also the perfect option if you're entertaining guests over the holiday period. Be sure to try the crab and prawn seafood fried rice and the chicken, leek and truffle spring rolls.



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At the top of our list of summer essentials is of course an endless replenishment of gelato waiting for us in the freezer. Being able to order Messina on Uber Eats is the closest we'll probably ever get to that – which is pretty good if you ask us. It's the perfect treat on a hot day, or after long hours shooting on set; and as an exclusive partner to Uber Eats, we know we can always rely on Messina for a sweet fix whenever we need it.

El Jannah


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It should come as no surprise that the legendary charcoal chicken institution El Jannah ranks highly on the RUSSH editor's favourite Uber Eats restaurants, and with 14 outposts all across Sydney, it's one of the most accessible dinner options available on Uber Eat's exclusive list. Personally, this is my absolute go-to on Christmas Eve (especially if I'm the one hosting the next day), as it's the easiest way to feed the unpredictable number of family members floating in and out of the house. Fresh Lebanese bread, flavoursome chicken, tabouli, tangy pickles, a mountain of hot chips and that garlic sauce. Heaven!

Chat Thai


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If you're craving Thai, the RUSSH team all agree that you can't go past Chat Thai. There's a reason why the late Amy Chanta's beloved restaurant – which first opened in 1989 – has a fond place in the hearts of many Sydneysiders. It's all the very best of Thai cooking; offering a mix of widely-loved street food with more home-style dishes. The trick here is always to order more, which makes for the perfect lunch meal the next day!

Indigo Double Bay


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On the days when you need a little extra push in the morning, Indigo Double Bay will have coffee and fluffy pancakes to your doorstep in time for you to roll out of bed and check your emails (a major plus on those work from home days). Luckily for us, the iconic Sydney cafe is also close enough to the RUSSH offices to make breakfast or lunch in the office a major treat. There really is something for everyone, which makes team lunch an easy win.

BL Burgers


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The masterminds behind Bar Luca saw us simping over their unbeatable burgers and said, "hold on, let us give you more." Along came BL Burgers, and with an outpost in Darlinghurst (and another in Parramatta), the indulgent burger joint fast became a go-to order for the RUSSH team during deadline or as a post-holiday event meal. Always a good decision and their menu caters to a range of dietary requirements – even offering a plant-based patty.

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