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Level up your happy hour and have your Margarita ingredients delivered to your doorstep

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As soon as the clock hits 5:30pm in the RUSSH office, it's laptops shut and shoes off (don't ask me why). Tuesdays are the day the whole team is in, which makes it the perfect time to whip out the cocktail tins and end the day on high spirits – with a margarita.

It's December and the sun is still up, which is a blessing in itself. Summer is certainly here. As golden hour light filters into the surrounding space, someone bumps the music up and David Byrne sings "Guess that this must be the place".

We tend not to leave alcohol laying around the office – lest the afterwork drinks become a daily ritual – so it's my turn to order the goods. Which, is no problem when my Uber One membership unlocks unlimited $0 delivery fees on many orders over twenty dollars. Ice, limes, Maldon salt, a bottle of tequila (from the vast selection we went with Olmeca Altos) and because we're keeping things classic, some Cointreau too. Add that all to my cart on Uber, Liquorland for the heavy-hitters and our local QE Food Stores for the zesty essentials. Place the order, set and forget.

Shoot! We forgot the agave syrup. No matter, there's sugar in the kitchen and I can use it to make simple syrup. When I worked at Cantina OK! we would use sugar cane, but this will do just fine. Someone knocks at the door, I go to investigate.

It's the limes, ice and salt. I put our content director, Elyssa Kostopoulos, on lime duty, cutting them in half in preparation for the press squeezer. Meanwhile, our designer Teressia Carr is in charge of chilling the coupettes. As for everyone else? They're manning the snacks. This time the doorbell rings, and the delivery person Simon thoroughly checks my ID, drops off the alcohol and then we are good to go.

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Down to business. Grab your glasses, rub some lime halfway around the rim, and gently press the rim into your salt. Shake off any excess. For a single margarita I follow a pretty common spec, that's 45ml blanco tequila, 15ml Cointreau, 30ml lime juice and 5-10ml sugar (sticklers will say 7.5). The rule is two cocktails in a shaker at once, so double those quantities when measuring them out in your jigger.

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Add a hefty amount of ice and shake, hard. You'll know when to stop once the tin becomes so frosty you can write your name on the sides. Crack her open and single strain immediately. The best margaritas have those flecks of ice on the surface, visual proof that they're ice cold, and will fizz slightly when you strain.

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All that's left to do is drink and enjoy. Summer tastes good.

Order Margarita ingredients right to your doorstep with Uber One.

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